The Vampire in the Room

When Stella's Father goes missing it's up to him to pick up the torch but will Stella be able to manage with the recent string of massacres?


4. The Son of Solstice

As Violette sat outside the hospital room waiting with her Mother for her Step-Dad and brother to emerge, she couldn't help but wonder what all the fuss was about. If Solstice was dead why did they come to the hospital?

"Who's Mr. Solstice?" She's been meaning to asks her Mom but she couldn't with Morgan and Garden around. 

As if remembering her, Lavenda raises her eyebrows and smiles apologetically.

"Solstice was a dear friend to Morgan, he was a vital business partner and also the Father of Garden's best friend, I never knew him personally but I have met him before. Such a mysterious man, who knows what secret he was hiding that made him meet such a sudden end...?" Her brows furrow and she glances at the door, a mixture of worry and confusion visible on her face.

"Who are we visiting?" Violette asks.

"His son. Garden's friend, dear." Lavenda notes this tiredly.

"Why can't we go in?" 

"Unfamiliar faces will only alarm him and make him on guard, plus Morgan has... private business to discuss with him, his Father's death means he's the heir to Solstice's fortune and business." 

Violette takes all this in and stares at the door before her. Solstice was the best friend of her Step-Dad and his son the best friend of her Brother, that kind of makes them family in her eyes. Violette couldn't help but stay curious. What kind of person was this son of Solstice? 

The longer the two sat there waiting the stronger her desire to know and see who this person was grew stronger. 

When Violette glances at her Mom her eyes were closed. She was either asleep or praying which mean she wouldn't notice her as she approaches the door. As she reaches for the knob it opens only from the inside. 

Morgan is surprised to see her there with her hand reaching for the knob and he frowns.

"Violette? Were you eavesdropping?" 

She shakes her head. 

"N-no I, I wanted to see...." She trails off but Morgan nods his head basically getting the gist of what she was saying.

"We'll introduce you to him another time." he says as he walks past her to gently nudge her Mother.

"Lavenda, sorry to make you wait so long, hun." Morgan smiles apologetically as she rouses awake.

"Mmmn." She rises from her seat.

"We can go home now."

Violette watches the two interact unaware to Garden standing behind her.

"Violette, you're in the way." he tells her. She quickly moves to the side and upon watching him from behind realizes that Garden actually addressed her, up until now he had only been ignoring her. Both men seemed less tense and relaxed, and this was all after talking to that boy! Violette was even more curious now. 

"Let's go, Violette." Garden calls, their parents were already up ahead. 

She steps forward suddenly reluctantly to leave without even getting a glance of the boy but it couldn't be helped, plus her Step-Father said that he was tired, she didn't want to do anything that'd get on his bad side. Finally making up her mind she hurried after her brother.


Stella watches them leave through a small crack in the door and smiles a bitter smile. 

"Ah...must be nice." He mutters to himself before closing the door but before he can the door is yanked open and Stella is shoved onto the floor. There wasn't anything there though, that is until it unveiled itself. 

Stella's eyes widened.


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