The Vampire in the Room

When Stella's Father goes missing it's up to him to pick up the torch but will Stella be able to manage with the recent string of massacres?


5. The Son of his Nurse

Stella's nurse, Ms. Ecstasia was shocked to find the hospital room empty that following morning. 

After alerting her authorities, the whole hospital conducted a widespread search starting from hospital to nearby areas and soon word had spread to the news that the heir to Sun Tech had disappeared. 

Luckily it wasn't Ms. Ecstasia who had received the heat for not keeping an eye on him but the nurse who worked the shift before her. Her co-workers consoled her outside the boy's room as  police entered it. 

"That boy was your favorite patient wasn't he?" one of the fellow nurses, Nurse Winder frowned apologetically. "I won't lie and say that I wasn't a bit of a fan but you can't let this get to you Stace."

But Nurse Smiley dismisses the previous statement with a wave.

"I hope they find him soon, that sweet boy couldn't have gotten far right?"

"Assuming that he had simply walked out on his own and not taken, you have to remember there were people out to get this kid...maybe we should have employed security guards outside the door?" One of the doctors noted.

"If she became to attached it's her own fault." A voice interrupts the conversation. 

Ecstasia isn't surprised to see Doctor Vee here. As if sensing the tension everyone backs away to give them a bit of space. 

"So you expect me to not care when one of my patient's go missing?!" 

"You shouldn't be concerned as you're not the one to blame in this case." 

"What?! You... cold bas-

Doctor Vee holds up a hand. "Language! This is a hospital Nurse Vee." He emphasizes the Vee part and Ecstasia reddens as her co-workers began to talk.

"Now that you mention it they have the same last name, are they siblings?" Nurse Winder whispers.

"Nah, they fight to much almost like lovers." 

Doctor watches her co-workers gossip looking quite satisfied. 

"Tell the whole world why don't you?!" She storms past him. "Just my luck to fall for some heartless prick who now won't even sign the divorce papers!" She hisses this to herself upon returning home later that day. 

Her son looks from the tv he was watching as she enters.

"You fight with Dad again?" he asks. 


Normally Ecstasia would go on a rant about what an ass he was but she was still worried about that boy. 

Her son, Viridian eyes her as she trails off into her room.

"Weird." he mutters before deciding to check up on her. He lightly taps on the door before and she gives him permission to enter. Inside his Mom kicked off her shoes and rubbed her feet. Upon seeing him she wiggled it for him to see.

"Viridi come rub my feet for me." 

Viridian makes a face. 

"No way they probably stink from all that walking around."

His Mother mirrors his face. 

"Not true! My feet smell wonderful." She pauses to sniff her foot and nods. "It's fine!" Again she holds out her foot, but when Viridian retreats into the hall she begins to pout.

"What's the point of having men around if they won't rub your feet?" she mutters to herself. "Stella would do it, I bet he wouldn't mind."

After hearing these words Viridian bursts into the room.

"Please tell me you did not ask a patient to rub your feet!" 

"He offered once but I declined though unlike some people I could tell he was sincere, such a nice boy you could tell he was a sweet son..." she stares at the ceiling and sighs. "Such a sweet boy....why couldn't he be my son?!" 

"Mom!" The shocked look on Viridian's face is priceless and she laughs at him.

"I'm joking! Jeez..." 

"You're always going on about that kid, I know you mean it." Viridian stares at the floor. Ecstasia sucks in her mouth. She was beginning to feel Viridian was jealous of the boy and seeing his reaction now confirmed her suspicions. 

"That boy...he's the son of Argus' I feel slightly responsible for him." After saying this Ecstasia's eyes widen at the sudden realization. "Does he even know Solstice is dead? He didn't seem like anything was bothering... but then again he's always hiding things from me." 

Viridian watches her flop on the bed in silence before deciding to speak again.

"Is something bothering you?" he asks her. 

"No," She closes her eyes and sighs. "I'm just tired."

Viridian frowns.

"Your aura is black." he mutters.


"Nothing. I made dinner, it's in the fridge..."

"Thank you my precious soooon!" She calls after him in a sing songy voice as he enters the living room just in time to see his Dad enter. 

"Dad?" Virdian is surprised to see him, he's usually at work. "You're not on duty tonight?" 

"No..." His Father looks distracted. "Where's your Mother."

"She just got home, she's in bed she'll be coming out to eat soon." 

He pulls off his tie and sighs. 

The look on his Father's face doesn't register with any of his memories or impressions of his Father. This face looked like on the borderline of stress and...worry. His aura was also black.

"Dad..." he starts.

"What's for dinner?" His Father was already making his way for the kitchen. 

" the fridge." 

He follows his Father into the kitchen with furrowed brows.

"Mom said Mr. Solstice died... is that...?" 

Upon mentioning this his Father stiffens. 

"Who knows? That guy could cheat death if he wanted." He pops the leftovers in the microwave and waits. 

"What's up with Mom today?" he tries. 

"One of her patient's went missing today."

Viridian freezes.

"It's not Stella is it?" 

Judging by the annoyed look on his Father's face it is. 

"Who said you could read me? You know I hate it when you do that." His Father frowns at him quite childishly. The microwave dings. And as if on cue Ecstasia enters the room. Upon seeing her husband she makes a face. 

"Any news?" she asks this reluctantly as her Father hands her a plate of food.

"No." he says as he dishes out his own.

"Come eat with us, son." Ecstasia calls out to him, she was already seated and began to wolf down her food, her Father was no better.

"I already ate." Virdian holds in his smile amused at his Mother's attempts to soothe him.

"Eat again, you're too thin... I worry about you too you know?"

"Really? All you talk about is Stella."

Upon mentioning him she makes an apologetic face.

"I'm sorry..." she holds her head down and Argus begins to look even more annoyed.

"I told you it's not your fault!" he snaps at her. 

"Even so the thought of something bad happening to that boy makes me feel as if I could have done something!" she snaps back. 

Viridian watches his parents in silence. His Father's telling her this but Viridian was sure that he also felt the same way his Mother was. Stella was the son of one of his close friends who was admitted at the same hospital he worked at of course he'd feel responsible too when he's the one making daily rounds at the hospital. Now that he thinks about it his Father started working overtime since a month ago which aligned with the same time that boy was admitted! Which could only mean that he was trying to prevent this very thing from happening. 

He had seen a new side of his parents today that made him envious of the boy even more. 

So loved. 




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