The Vampire in the Room

When Stella's Father goes missing it's up to him to pick up the torch but will Stella be able to manage with the recent string of massacres?


3. Family Reunion

The first thing Garden did after stepping off the plane was checking his e-mail. It's been months since he heard from his best friend, ever since his Father pulled him out of boarding school Garden hasn't heard from him since. He was beginning to worry. He pulls out his new phone, a birthday gift from the tech-savvy Mr. Lowe. It had a bunch of other apps that Garden still wasn't used to but for the most part, he could recognize the apps he'd used in any other phone.

Sorry! No mail for you today!

His phone's AI, Puck, a fairy boy dressed in delphinium petals pops up on the screen crying apologetically. 


Garden looks up to see his Dad and someone else. He stops in his tracks, nearly dropping his phone. 

Lavenda, and her daughter Violette were both at his side most likely waiting with his Father for his return. Garden spots the ring on her finger from afar and cringes but his feet drag him forward. 

"Welcome back!" Lavenda beams at him as Garden's Father lifts the duffle off his shoulder. 

"Hope your not feeling too jet lagged, we had a few things planned for you." his Father says this as they make their way outside. 

"I got all the sleep I could on the plane." Garden smiles but on the inside, he felt nothing but rage. After all that talk, his Father still went behind his back and married this woman, they've been seeing each other ever since he started middle school so that would make it 6 years. For 6 years Garden pleaded with his Father but the ring on Lavenda's finger was all the proof he needed. If it meant what he thought it meant then that means that not only were they married, but they must've held the wedding without him. Not that he would ever want to attend, but still Garden couldn't help but wonder what else they've done behind his back.

Lavenda traces Garden's gaze back to her finger and smiles. 

"It's mystic topaz, when I told him my favorite colors were purple and green he ended up going with this." Lavenda holds up the ring for Garden to see. Morgan stiffens as Garden looks up from the ring to her.

"It's beautiful." he says with veiled eyes.

She smiles, pleased.

"Isn't it?" 

Morgan pops the hood of his car quickly. 

"You can put away your bags in here, bud." 

Garden doesn't say a word as he steps around to the back of the car, Morgan studies him silently as he shrugs off his bags. Feeling his Father's eyes  he looks up to see his Father smile.

"You in the mood for some sushi?"

Garden smiles a helpless smile. 

"How'd you know I was craving uramaki?"

On their way to the restaurant Garden tried to busy himself by looking out the window and checking his phone every so often to ignore the indifferent gazes his step-sister would give him.  He's never really talked to her before and she's never talked to him. He's not sure how she feels about him and he doesn't really care either. They'd be attending different schools so they'd never have to see each other, he would always be busy with soccer practice so he'd never have the time to hang out with her. In his mind, Garden was already planning out how he'd make himself as pre-occupied as possible when they arrived at the sushi bar.

"Alright, we're here everybody."

Everyone slips out of the car. 

Time seems to whizz by for Garden, he's all smiles as they make small talk after ordering, but everything seems to slow down when Morgan's phone rings.


The second Morgan says this his face darkens. 

"I see... hold on a sec." he places his hand over the phone and eases out of his chair.

"Excuse me, I'll be right back."

Worry reflects on Lavenda's face. The table is quiet as everyone waits for Morgan to return. When the food arrives, Lavenda scoots out of her seat.

"I wonder what's taking him so long, I'll go check on him. You guys go on and eat." 

Which leaves him with Violette. She stares at him but he stares at his food and begins to feast on the plate before him. When she doesn't eat or move Garden checks his phone. 

New Message!

Puck waves his arm rejoicing. Garden opens it eager for a distraction. 

From: Qpid

Subject: I'm alive, don't worry!!!

Hey man, 

sorry I couldn't reach you before, things on my end have been crazy but even so, I thought I should wish you a happy belated birthday. It really kills me that I wasn't able to spend it with you much less give you anything- I'll make it up to you somehow... Are you still in France?


Garden smiles faintly. Footsteps return to the table. Garden and Violetta look up to see a grave-faced Morgan and a confused Lavenda trailing behind him. 

"What is it? What's going on?!" She demanded but Morgan only ignored her. He looked at Garden instead. 

"Solstice is dead."


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