The Vampire in the Room

When Stella's Father goes missing it's up to him to pick up the torch but will Stella be able to manage with the recent string of massacres?


6. Enter Marble

Upon seeing the news on tv Marble's Mom spits out her coffee. 

"Mom?...was it to hot?" Marble reverses her steps back to the frame of the living room as she hauls her jacket over her shoulder. Her Mother didn't seem to hear her as she inches towards the tv screen her skin getting whiter and whiter by the minute. 

"Are you okay?" 

Staring at the tv her Mom donned a face Marble had never seen before. 


Still not listening her Mother began to speak in her native language, Marble wasn't very fluent with her Mother's language but she was pretty sure she was cursing.

Deciding not to bother her Mom, Marble grabs her skateboard and slips out the door. 

As she cruises down the street her mind reaches back to the pissed look on her Mother's face. What was she so mad about? Marble doesn't think she's ever seen her Mom so angry in her entire life. Distracted Marble fails to pay attention to her surroundings and rams herself right into the bike rack and falls over it. 

"....Ow." She gasps for air before pushing herself up and wincing. 

She would like to pray that no one had seen that but everyone was staring. 

As much as Marble wanted to cloak herself it was hard to do so when she was in line of sight.

"Are you okay?" 

She looks up reluctantly only to brighten at the sight of a familiar face. 


"That looked like it hurt." 

When she throws herself at him Garden wheezes.

"...but I guess you're fine." 

Over his shoulder Marble notices a younger girl standing beside him. Her amethyst eyes were the first thing noticed, Marble takes in her black twin tails held together by lilac ribbons and her preppy dress. It reminded her of the doll her Mother had given her for a birthday once and seeing the girl was almost as if the cute little korean doll had come to life. 

"Who is this?" Marble asks nervously after pulling away from Garden.

Garden glances at her. 

"Ah, this is my step-sister, Violette she's going to be attending school with me here." he gestures towards Marble.

"Violette this is my good friend Marble, she's the one who got me into playing soccer." He notes.

Marble smiles crookedly under the girl's gaze. She looked so identical to the doll that it was beginning to creep her out. "I taught him how to play for fun but he really took it seriously!" She pretends to glare at Garden who laughs. "Who said you can go and get better than me?" 

The two walk to school chattering with Violette trailing behind. She kept staring at Marble who was beginning to grow more anxious by the minute under the young girl's gaze. All she wanted was to cloak herself and flee from the girl but with Garden wanting to catch up she tried to tolerate his sister's stares. Hearing the school bell ring was like hearing the bells of heaven for her.

"I'll see you around Gar Gar!" She runs off happily to her first period arriving earlier than usual, her Pre-Cal teacher is a little surprised to see her. 

"Good Morning Marble."

"Morning Ms. Score."

Marble drops her homework into the 1st period HW box and makes for her seat. 

"Woulda look at that?!" Garden's voice comes from the door. 

"You and Marble have the same first period." he notes aloud much to Marble's horror. With a blank look on her face much similar to a doll's Violette enters the room and glances at Marble quite indifferently before turning to greet her new teacher and confirm her schedule. 

Marble would later realize that Violette had most of their classes together, they even had the same lunch!

Violette stares at Marble while they wait for Garden to come back with lunch. Marble had insisted on eating cafeteria food but Garden was determined on going across the street to buy sandwiches from a sandwich shop. 

"Do you know him too?" The girl finally speaks.

Puzzled Marble scratches her sweaty cheek while glancing in the direction Garden had disappeared.


"I know of him- Garden talks about him all the time but I've never met him before personally." Hearing his name Marble relaxes a little.

"I thought so..." Violette frowns. "Because you look so happy."


"He's gone missing but Garden's pretending to be fine."

Marble studies the girl for a few seconds before smiling reassuringly.

"It's not that he's pretending, Garden's used to it. That kids always disappearing and popping up in places you'd least expect, I'm sure the kid's fine."

Upon hearing this from her Violette looks skeptical.

"But everyone's so worried..."

"The adults are just worried because they see Stella as a baby. Reality is the kid's a lot more capable than you think...or at least that's the conclusion I've come to after hearing what Garden's told me about the guy."


Garden passes out the sub sandwiches and smiles at his before ripping into it with his teeth.

Seeing this Marble laughs.

"What are you doing?!"

Violette watches Garden in awe and Marble watches her knowingly. She was beginning to understand what kind of girl she was but she still felt slightly uneasy around her. 

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