The Vampire in the Room

When Stella's Father goes missing it's up to him to pick up the torch but will Stella be able to manage with the recent string of massacres?


2. A time to Mourn

Xylene takes a step back from the bed, a pale truth dawning on her countenance. 

"I-is he...dead?"

As if to answer her concern, the boy's body moves, a twitch in the right hand before rolling over in his sleep.

"Mmm..." the sleeping boy murmurs. The nurse smiles reassuringly. 

"He's perfectly fine, now." 

Artemis, who kept her arms in a fold ever since she walked into the room eyes the nurse.

"Now?" she echoes.

"Yes, before he was gravely injured, now he's not only alive but due to the shock he's also able to move freely." the nurse explains.

"Shock?" Artemis raises an eyebrow. Everyone eyes her suddenly curious.

The nurse's smile falls under Artemis sharp gaze.

"Ah, so you don't know what happened?" 

"Today we discovered that the Father we didn't even know we had died and that we have an older brother." Celeste quickly clarifies this to the nurse who turns white.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry..." She covers her mouth and glances at the sleeping boy sympathetically. 

"I'm not sure of all the details but before the accident, he was paralyzed from the waist down, due to the electric shock, that should have killed him he's miraculously able to walk again..."she pauses. "Such a shame, the second his Father leaves his side he..."  She covers her mouth again. "I'm sorry, please excuse me!"

Artemis watches the nurse leave before unfolding her arms and stepping towards the bed.

"Sounds like there was someone out for them."

Xylene hugs herself, she was getting goosebumps. 

"What does that mean for us?" 

Celeste peers at the sleeping boy curiously, she was kneeling down on the ground at the edge of his, her face was so close to the boy that when she breathed he made a face. She giggles.

"Hey, hey does that mean he's going to live with us?" She looks to Artemis, her grey eyes widening at the thought. "Since his Dad's dead and he's our bro we gotta take him in right?"

Artemis frowns but before she can say anything Xylene quickly interrupts. 

"How can you be so calm when there's someone out to kill them?!" 

"Us." Artemis corrects her. The girls look to her, confused.

"Moria must've disappeared because they knew she was your guardian," her face darkens. "She's probably dead too."

"Don't say that!" the twins scream at her in unison. Artemis ignores them, her now moist eyes were elsewhere gazing off into the distance. 
 "This boy should know more about the situation than we do, we'll wait for him to wake up." 

Silence fills the room. Celeste now realizing the situation, presses close to Xylene who does the same. A few seconds pass before the boy slowly rises up out of bed. 

"He's awake!" Celeste cries out rather loudly. 

"That was fast!" Artemis tried to pretend she hadn't been startled but the surprise was already visible on her face.

"It was fairly easy considering how noisy you all were." from the boy a sweet voice speaks bitterly. "I'm a pretty light sleeper, so I woke up the second you entered." He rubs his neck. "I was going to pretend to be asleep but after listening to your conversation, I guess I can't." He finally looks up at them all and everyone sucks in their breath. Though his skin was white as a bed sheet and there were dark circles under his eyes, he was undeniably cute with his two big round eyes that resembled blueberries and in compliment by a dainty nose and mouth. No one was able to say anything for a while, they were too taken aback by his fairy-like appearance.

"Why are you here?" he asked them. It took a while for him to get an answer.

"What kind of question is that?" Xylene blinks, snapping out of her stupor. 

"You're our brother we came to see you." 

He glares at her before shooting one at Artemis. 

"Why would you bring them here? Are you trying to make it easier for them to pick us all off in one sitting?!" He demanded. "Get out! Nurse!"

The nurse from before enters the room almost immediately.

"Please escort these three out." Stella demands before she can even ask what was wrong.

"But sir...." She glances nervously at them. "They're your family!" Her eyes look from the three to him.

"Please!" The boy screams. His outburst stunned her. After studying him for a few seconds she steels herself before turning around to face the three.

"I'm sorry, I'll have to ask you all to leave at once." The smile was gone from her voice which was now as cold as ice and her gaze as hard as stone. 

Celeste opens her mouth to protest but Artemis plants a hand on her shoulder and shakes her head. 

"Girls, let's go." 

The nurse watches the three leave before turning around to face the boy once more.


When he doesn't respond she tries again.


"I'm sorry..." he was holding his face in his hands.

"Could I just get a moment alone?" 

The nurse nods, though he couldn't see this.

"I'll be right outside if you need me." 

The second he hears the door click he removes his hands. Tears stream down his face as he fists the sheets and lets out a small cry. It was soft at first, soundless but it eventually grew into angry sobbing. From the other side of the door, the nurse listens with a hand cupped over her mouth.

From outside the hospital, Artemis peers up at the building towering over her and sighs.

"Well at least we know where he is now." she notes. When the girls don't respond Artemis glances to peer at the twins who were staring elsewhere. Celeste at the ground and Xylene frowning as she stared ahead. 

"We'll come back another time." Artemis tells them but they didn't seem to be listening.

"Why doesn't he want to see us?" Celeste mutters. 

"What did he mean by they'd pick us all off in the same place?" Xylene asks the air before balling a fist. "And how could he kick us out like that? Talk about rude!" Artemis softens her gaze. 

"He was probably in a bad mood since he heard that his Father was dead." 

When the girls hear this they blink, the thought clearly never occurred to them.

"I'm sure he's experiencing a lot of emotional pain right now, try to put yourself in his shoes. What Moria was to you, his Father was to him." 

Sympathy clouds their expressions.

"Let's go home."

Artemis ushers them towards the parking suddenly suspicious of her surroundings and as if in confirmation a mysterious figure emerges from behind the bushes to watch their car drive away.


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