Mr Heartbreaker

Hi I'm Kayla Braun. Yes, Scooter's daughter. Girls say i'm lucky to have connections with Justin Bieber, but I think not. I have an amazing boyfriend, Nathan Kayne (which by the way, is a normal high school student that goes to my school). Or I though he was...


3. Not ready

Hello readers :)) I hope you are enjoying so far, the story is gonna start getting complicated :)xx

-Love, Bizzlebieber xx


I woke up and the sun was blazing in my eyes, I looked to the right, no Justin. Phew, this was probably just a nightmare and when I call Nathan, he still is my boyfriend! Just then, I heard shouting from downstairs.

"THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU SLEEP IN HER BED!!" dad shouted, sounding edgy.

"I WAS BLEEDING FOR GOODNESS SAKE! We didn't do anything," said Justin.

Crap. This was not a dream, back to reality. My life sucks, okay Kayla, just go downstairs and pretend all innocent like you know nothing. I walked down the stairs.

"Guess someone, or should I say some PEOPLE woke up on the wrong side of the bed," I said, remaining relaxed.

"YEA... ON YOUR BED!" Dad shouted, pointing at Justin, while he turned to look at me, giving Justin a chance to make a face at him. I laugh. "Kayla Rebecca Braun! Why are you laughing?" Dad looked at me with a stern face.

"Dad, please stop making it such a big deal. I was in the bathroom and Justin didn't even know how to knock, he went into the toilet to give me my phone that I left in the car when he brought me home, and thinking he was some kind of kidnapper, I took the closest sharp thing, which was a razor, and cut him. He lost a lot of blood dad, he just felt tired and I know how you'd feel if you found him on your bed, and the couch is uncomfortable, and you know that more than anyone else." I smiled like it was not such a big deal.

"Fine, but don't try it again," dad said in a subtle but firm voice. "I'm going to the studio to work with Ariana on some things, i'll be back by 6, Justin, don't touch her," Dad said as Justin smirked. I rolled my eyes and went into the kitchen to get some cereal and milk.

When dad left, Justin sat next to me on the counter top. 

"You're a pretty good liar," Justin remarked.

"Well, I guess you can say that," I sighed.

"Well, we have a day to ourselves, what do you want to do?" Justin asked.

"Well, we can watch a movie? I want to stay at home today, ya know, relax a little, relief stress" I said, sending him a faint smile. I still haven't got over Nathan yet and I feel like shit.

He frowned,  knowing something was wrong. "What's wrong"

"What's wrong?" I snapped at him, "Oh, umm last time I checked, my boyfriend cheated on me, my dad doesn't know I have anxiety, heck he doesn't even care about me, and he thinks we're sleeping together and I cut you. Why doesn't the world like me? Why do I have to go through this torture that will never end? I should just end my life. It's not like anyone would care, I could be with my mom and I could be happy," I screamed talk, and I felt a tear trickle down my face. He wiped the tear away with his soft touch, and then my lips crashed onto his. It was not like the 'french kiss' but more like a long peck.

"I am so sorry," I said, feeling a blush creep onto my cheeks, I don't know what just happened, a moment ago I was looking into his honey brown eyes and pink soft lips, that I wanted so bad and - wait what?! This is Justin Bieber we are talking about! Kayla, stop. Just then, Justin snapped me out of my thoughts and kissed me, this time it was a french kiss, he slipped his tongue into mine as they fought for domination, just then, I pulled away. Catching my breath for air.

"So does this mean we're a thing now?" Justin asked. I didn't know how to answer, I just broke up with Nathan and the 'fame life' is too much for me.

"I'm sorry Justin, not now," I stammered nervously.

"I understand." He said, concealing his sly smile. I a little upset, stupid me, I shouldn't have done that.

We spent the whole day watching Netflix, but not chill of course (if you don't actually know what it means and thinks it's actually chilling while watching Netflix I use to think that, it is not, check google). We ate, and had fun. I have never seen this side of Justin before, it was totally new. I guess i've never given him a chance and always tried to stay away from him. But I wasn't ready for a new relationship, especially with a life as complicated as his.



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