Mr Heartbreaker

Hi I'm Kayla Braun. Yes, Scooter's daughter. Girls say i'm lucky to have connections with Justin Bieber, but I think not. I have an amazing boyfriend, Nathan Kayne (which by the way, is a normal high school student that goes to my school). Or I though he was...


1. Broken

Hello readers, this is my first movell so I hope you enjoy.

Xx Bizzlebieber24


Kayla's POV

"KAYLAAAA!!!" Dad shouted from downstairs.

"WHATTTTTT!!!" I shouted back while putting my pillow over my head.

"Your going to be late for school honey" Dad said while walking towards me. He then walked towards the window, and pulled open the curtains, so the sun was blazing right at me.

"UGHHHHH" I groaned. Today was not my day.

"Hurry hun, your going to make me late for work. Carly is waiting in the recording studio" Dad said while pulling the covers. And yes, Carly as in Carly Rae Jepsen. My dad managed people like Carly, the Wanted, PSY, Ariana Grande, and of course, the doofus, Justin Bieber.

"Fine," I said while getting up to shower. I sighed as I looked into the mirror. Today was going to be a looooonnnng day. After I finished showering, I put on a long sleeve plain, white shirt and some skinny jeans, I then put on some eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, and powder to complete the look. I looked at the time. 6:30!!!!! I WOULDN'T EVEN HAVE TIME FOR BREAKFAST. I ran downstairs and grabbed an apple.

"Bye dad" I said while kissing him on the cheek.

"Bye hun. Oh and by the way, Justin is having a concert tonight and I won't be home, so do you wanna join?" Dad asked.

"UMmmmm... how bout. No" I said while giving dad a 'are you serious look'. Dad just gave me a 'do you know who I am missy' look.

"Dad you know I don't like him.." I said while crossing my arms.

"Sorry hun, but after the concert, we are going for a party, dinner." Dad said while standing up to hug me.

" Ugh fine" I said while giving him a death glare. He kissed me on my forehead and I walked out the door ready for another school day.


--At school--

"Hey Kay" I heard a familiar voice and knew who it was right away, I turned around to see my boyfriend. Nathan Kayne. The most popular guy in High School, captain of the rugby team, and basketball champ.

"Hey babe" I said while giving him a small peck. " So I was thinking, we could go to JB's dinner party thing tonight, my dad is making me go even though he knows I hate Justin.." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Ummm not tonight babe.. I have a.. thing" He stuttered.. Huh. Weird, but whatevs.

"Um, okay then, see you at lunch?" I asked, we didn't have any classes together until 5th period, so lunch was the only time we would see each other.

"Yea. Yea sure, see ya later" He said while giving me a kiss on the cheek and walking over to his friends.

He was acting so weird today, he normally would walk me to class, but I didn't really mind, sometimes I want to be walking alone too. I'm not a baby, I can walk to class myself.


--At home--

So what was weird was that Nathan didn't drive me home, in fact, I couldn't find him after school. I just shook it of reminding myself that he had a 'thing'.

When I came home I saw Chaz, Ryan.. Wait if Chaz and Ryan are here.. that means- While I was about to finish my thoughts, Justin went up to me and hugged me.

"Justin" I said, not smiling, I was being harsh.

"Welcome home!" He smirked, he knew I hated him.

"You mean welcome to MY home, that means, GET OUT. Where's my dad?" I asked harshly.

"Oh your dad had to get Carly. She is performing in my concert today as a guest." Justin said.

"Oh okay, then what are you doing here?" I questioned.

"Your dad said he couldn't pick you up to the arena, that means we're taking you" Chaz said while throwing popcorn up in the air, and catching it with his mouth.

"Oh well that's just great." I said sarcastically.

"Hurry get ready we only have 20 minutes." Justin explained, while pushing me towards the stairs and helping me take off my bag.

"First of all, don't touch my bag, second, don't you dare hug me again, and third, don't boss me around asshole." His eyes widened when I said that.

"OHHHHHH!! YOU GOT BURNED" Ryan shouted, and it sounded like what a 10 year old would say, oh wait, his mind is like a 10 year old, so I don't blame him.

"Sorry princess" Justin smirked.

"Whatever" I sighed while walking up the stairs.

I got into the shower because I just got back from last period, PE. After I was done, I put on a smokey eye, and some dark red lip stick. The dress I wore was a purple dress that crossed over the neck. It went just above my knees and went well with the plain, black heels I was wearing. I curled my hair and did my brows. I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself. "KAYLAA!!" I heard Justin call me from downstairs.

I ignored him and took my black sparkly Micheal Kors purse and made my way downstairs.

I got a lot of stares coming down, all their mouths were opened.

"Close your mouths perverts!" I shouted, making my way towards the door.

"Im sorry, you just look.." Chaz trailed off.

"Beautiful" Justin finished the sentence.

"Yea.." Ryan added.

I kinda blushed but quickly covered it up by looking down at my phone and walking towards the limo. Behind me I could hear all three arguing about who I get to sit next to, since it was a two sitter at the back. Then it was decided, when they did rock paper scissors on who would sit next me on the drive to, the drive back, and sitting beside in dinner. Chaz was sitting next to me on the drive to, Ryan on the drive back, and Justin in dinner. Eww.. I'd rather sit next to Chaz or Ryan at dinner. But seriously, do they like not know I have a boyfriend that loves me?

The whole way through the concert, I was backstage texting my best friend, Amanda, and playing random games. After the concert, Justin came back and he was breathing heavily. He looked exhausted, but soon got ready for the party tonight. Dad said Carly and Ariana was coming, so at least I had some girlfriends.


--At the dinner buffet/party--

The drive to was so annoying, Chaz was shouting in my ear because the music was turned on to the highest volume, I swear my ear drums bleed.

I was bored when I had finished eating while everyone was talking, so I took a seat on the couch, and called Nathan.



Justin's POV

So I saw Kayla getting up from her seat and sat on the couch, I decided to sneak behind the couch to scare her, when she was on the phone. I went behind the couch and waiting for the right time.

"Hello?" I heard her say.

"Where are you?...Wait wait was that?....NATHAN?..ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?" She hung up.

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