Sara in Atlantis

Entering another world of magical mysticism, it was just like Alice going down the rabbit hole.

Sara fell head-first into land of Atlantis that was under the cruel reign of Poseidon. She was a girl on a mission, a simple mission in a world she knew nothing about and didn't know who she could trust. Stumbling through the world of water-fairies, mermaids and pirate ghosts, she discovers magic isn't all she thought it'd be...

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3. Water Sprites and Pulchram

Chapter Three

Sara followed the path the clown fish had taken down the rocky passage at the back of the cave. She stumbled along half swimming and half dragging her feet across the jagged sea-etched rock. The passage was lit by something Sara had never seen before; the 'bulbs' seemed to move a bit sending shadows waltzing about the cadaverous tunnel wall. When she took a closer look, she couldn't hold back a gasp. Tiny people with wings shone brightly in groups lighting the way.

"Fairies!" she cried out, unable to believe her eyes.

"Well this one is as dumb as a whale..." a small laughing voice muttered. A few others giggled. Sara stared; did the fairies just mock her?

"That's because she's a human girl, you brainless water-sprite!" another voice chimed.

"Wait, how do you know I'm human?" Sara asked in confusion. Weren't these creatures supposed to only know other sea animals? This was very interesting; maybe they live on land too like crocodiles? Sara frowned remembering when she saw a crocodile kill an antelope when she went on a safari three years ago. Hopefully fairies weren't like that.

An old fairy with a mass of white hair approached her and perched on her shoulder, "That is because we sprites can live both on land and in water. I know all about people and countries. I think you should come with us."

"Is she..." a female fairy started to ask in a slightly high voice before being waved off by the older fairy.

"Yes, come with us! We'll show you our grove, Pulchram! It is really, very extraordinarily pretty," another young female said enthusiastically, fluttering around Sara with a radiant smile.

Sara smiled and nodded barely able to breathe with excitement. The fairies beamed at her and dragged her along the path. They led her to a dead end and suddenly they disappeared. Sara looked around puzzled.

"Over here!" a voice yelled.

Sara looking in the direction the sound seemed to be coming from and spotted a male fairy lodged in the wall at the end.

"Just walk through it, you'll be fine I sprayed you with blue pixie sand," the fairy explained.

Sara was uncertain at first but knew that magic existed now; she just had to trust it. Squeezing her eyes shut, she walked and walked until she heard laughter. She stopped and opened her eyes to find she was on a ledge and had been just an inch from falling forwards into a dark trench.

"Arghhhh!" she yelped jumping back.

"Don't bother backing away, down you go!" someone said before she felt a dozen teeny hands push her forwards.

She fell and fell. The fall seemed never ending. Sara swatted a fish away that had been caught around her neck as she tried to see the ground. Only the rock edges on both sides were visible to her so she looked at those in hope of a clue. She stared at a nook in the rock side where a band of creatures were playing shell-trumpets and mussel-drums, all dressed in red and gold. When they saw her stare, they turned their noses and shut a curtain. Well, some manners on these creatures, really! Sara thought to herself as she fell further down and out of view.

All of a sudden, when she thought the she would never break her fall and land, she found herself hitting something soft and stringy, she bounced and rolled to one side before resting in a sitting position, cross-eyed and dazed. Feeling around, she realized it was a fishing net covered with seaweed.

"Come on! We haven't got all day you know!" a fairy yelled at her as another four helped her up to her feet. This time they were walking on sand, Sara was glad her poor sore feet wouldn't have to endure rock anymore. Looking around, she drew in a sharp breath of surprise and awe.

"Welcome to Pulchram!" the old fairy appeared with a smile.

"But, but this is Paris," Sara stuttered, confused and amazed, staring at a famous bakery and road sign that she remembered from last year's winter holiday. She also remembered being caught stealing a gateau from that bakery after her parents had denied her anything sugary because of a cavity. She blushed at the embarrassing memory.

"Pulchram was made to look like famous cities and beautiful spaces up on land so that when sprites go to upper world, they don't feel too far from home. What do you think?" a pretty fairy with blue hair asked.

"I think this is the most gorgeous place I have ever seen!" Sara exclaimed, looking around.

"Well then, let me give you the grand tour!" a male fairy with golden wings clapped his small hands, grinning.

The gay fairies led her through 'Paris' and they all introduced themselves.

"I'm Elyvol!" said the pretty blue-haired fairy.

"My name's Chivemious," said the grinning male.

"I am Brahmaba," said the old one.

"We're Wirsly, Swyti, Nachel, and Prail!" chimed in two giggly girl-sprites dressed identically in green dresses and golden jewellery and two other male-sprites in yellow and brown shorts.

"I'm Sara," Sara whispered, trying to memorize the odd names.

"What a beautiful name!" Nachel shouted twirling in her green gown, showering her with white and black powder.

"Stop throwing dust on me," Sara mumbled through the cloud of swirls.

"Oh, oopsies!" Nachel apologized giggling. "That was modified pixie sand."

Suddenly, Sara felt herself rise a little. What was happening?

"You have wings," Brahmaba explained, shaking his head with a frown.

Prail and Swyti were high-fiving Nachel on her experiment, giggling and talking about her scientific success.

"You're one big fairy," Wirsly said, nodding his head dazedly.

"Oh, you really should stop eating jellyfish with the turtles, Wirsly!" Prail reprimanded, "It makes you so slow! Like a sea-slug!"

Sara stared at the fairies. Are they seriously talking about that while I'm having a mental dilemma?! I've been turned into a giant fairy, for Heaven's sake! Sara thought in a panic.

"Oh, don't worry, dear, the Queen of fairies will help turn you back. She lives in Thorngrove Manor, in the Black Forest. Not too far from here actually, we decided we wanted to infuse Paris with some German and Australian bits," Brahmaba said with a slight smile beneath his white beard.

Sara raised an eyebrow in bemusement, not questioning their peculiar choice of such a cultural clash.

The four quadruples led the way, weaving in and out of streets, going through Oxford Road one minute, then the Champs Elyse another (London and Paris were right next to each other). Finally, they reached an empty space, ahead there was the borders of a large forest. Sara gulped. Last time she had been in a forest she had seen a wolf large as life. If it hadn't been for a pack of dogs a group of hunters were using nearby she'd have been wolf dinner. Admittedly, she had been more in danger of being shot than being eaten having foolishly gone into a hunting forest that was off-limits.

"Well then, let's see if we can find the right path to the Manor then!" Brahmaba exclaimed, tugging her along.


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