Sara in Atlantis

Entering another world of magical mysticism, it was just like Alice going down the rabbit hole.

Sara fell head-first into land of Atlantis that was under the cruel reign of Poseidon. She was a girl on a mission, a simple mission in a world she knew nothing about and didn't know who she could trust. Stumbling through the world of water-fairies, mermaids and pirate ghosts, she discovers magic isn't all she thought it'd be...

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5. Steampunk Pirates and a Genie

Chapter Five

She blinked several times and realized there was a fork in the path of the cave. There were three ways to go and she had no idea which was the right way. She saw a purple fish knight bobbing down the left turn and decided it looked the best option.

After ten minutes, Sara found herself surrounded by rotting wooden planks and weed. When she looked behind to turn back, she saw that her path was blocked by more fallen wood. How on Earth do I get out? She wondered. All of a sudden it started raining, underwater. Sara couldn't have explained how this fast, hard rain was possible in the sea. Her hazy mind tried to think back to her every science lesson and focused on the physics. Surely when it rained the fish could feel it too?

The rain started to hurt her skin and soon she discovered it had turned into hailstones. Now she was very confounded and upset. Huddling up in a small nook and weeping, she tried to shade herself from harm. She wished she hadn't left Pulchram and didn't have the pressure of stopping Poseidon from destroying the world on her shoulders. With every fibre in her body she willed the hailstones to stop falling and so they did. When she lifted her head from her arms, she saw no sign of hailstones which she found odd and now there was a small clearing ahead instead of wood; and in the middle was a treasure chest.

She hurried over to it with eyes wide open in awe. A real pirate's treasure chest! She said to herself. Then all this bad wood belongs to a sunken ship, she reasoned. The prospect of being in a real pirate's ship filled her with excitement. When she reached out to open the chest, a towering, foreboding 'person' with magnificent presence appeared in front of it in a Pouf! of blue. He had a black Salvadorian moustache and he wore a large bronze backpack on his back with weird gadgets and cogs whizzing on it and a funnel and a large musket, a white shirt, brass goggles on his head, ersatz strapped leather leggings and firm combat boots of a copper colour. It was such a strange outfit that Sara couldn't help but to stare rudely at him.

"I am Djin Akhmebell, guardian of this chest. You have the choice of three wishes, or to open this chest and keep its contents; your wishes cannot be to open this chest, to receive more wishes, immortality or sinful wishes such as the death of someone. What will it be?" the voice of the Djin boomed loudly from his great height.

Sara struggled with the decision; her curiosity was itching and burning like a poisonous mosquito bite she just had to scratch. On the other hand, having three wishes at your disposal sounded fantastic to her. She could wish to go to a different school, for a bright future, for all the books in the world...

"You've passed the expiration date of the choice of wishes; you're stuck with the chest. Goodbye from the ever faithful, Djin Akhmebell," he beamed grimly before vanishing in a puff of smoke, hurriedly.

Sara stood back in surprise before rushing to open the chest. At first, it appeared to be empty then, rather incredibly, figures started stepping out.

The first to stretch his legs out was a tall queer-looking bloke with a brass monocular eye-patch, leather boots, a wrist-compass with many cogs and visible clockwork, his metallic work belt contained a rather numptified katana and intricate objects that Sara had never seen before. His hair was an electric blue colour. He looked like a pirate yet he was like no fictional pirate the young girl had ever encountered.

Next came out a beautiful lady dressed in brown leather straps and an embroidered coat with a large copper skull at the shoulder. Her dark hair was curly and wild and upon it was a captain's cock-hat. After her came a handsome man, smartly dressed in a beautiful grey suit, leather gloves and he carried a funicular cord, his decorated dreadlocks supported goggles smaller than the Djins.

Then there was a buff fellow who looked very clever, or so Sara's perceptiveness caught some intelligence in his smiling green eyes, he wore loose trousers with two brass and wooden muskets at his hips and a terella, a kneepad and an unbuttoned jacket. He carried a walking cane and on his shoulder was a large metal parrot with a clockwork body. Many more people came out that looked like futuristic ship-mates in Victorian clothing.

The retrofuturism of the whole atmosphere rather astounded Sara and made her rub her eyes. She didn't know if she had entered a time machine and gotten stuck, or if it was real. She then realized that the first pirate had sprinkled some sort of dark powder around and the ship was suddenly fixed and as good as it could ever be.

There was no sound except for the whir of a gadget somewhere and the sudden bursts of the steam engine. Then the pirates started talking all at once.

"...'sblood, Madam, this thrice-damned juggernaut has become my nemesis! Avaunt! Let's sail—p'raps in my laboratorium I can yet devise some canny expedient, so to confound the malign engine of destruction!" said the smart one who seemed to be an inventor of some sort.

"I want all hands on deck to get this steamer a' going. We have much to do; we have lost many a century wasting away in that darned coffer. Dust your breaches and crank up the turbomachine," ordered the captain.

Sara was suddenly grabbed from behind by someone who clapped a hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. Her heart pounded under her ribcage as she tried to struggle but in vain. The stranger dragged her out of the ship and seemed to fly with her to a courtyard.


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