Sara in Atlantis

Entering another world of magical mysticism, it was just like Alice going down the rabbit hole.

Sara fell head-first into land of Atlantis that was under the cruel reign of Poseidon. She was a girl on a mission, a simple mission in a world she knew nothing about and didn't know who she could trust. Stumbling through the world of water-fairies, mermaids and pirate ghosts, she discovers magic isn't all she thought it'd be...

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8. Queen Amphitrite

Chapter Eight


Sara sighed as she walked down a broken cobblestone path. She twirled the moonrose between her fingers deep in thought and subconsciously took a sniff of it, not at all surprised she could smell it underwater. She stopped in her tracks. The scent had transported her to a beautiful garden unlike any she had ever seen. Smiling, she realized Stuart had thought his gift through and had given her a moonrose that could teleport you to the royal gardens where the only other moonroses in the world grew.

The garden was indeed a splendid sight with a larger-than-life sized diamond statue of Poseidon with his trident. Golden apple trees, silver willows, pink and purple anemones, large floppy flowers with gem centres and, of course, black and silver moonroses decorated the sea-grass. It was breathtaking. The young girl suddenly noticed a great deal of fish arguing over a missing pocket watch. Is this the same watch that the pirates had stolen years ago? Has it been stolen again?

The same clown fish she had first seen on entering this world swam fast by her nearly knocking her over.

"Oh do get out the way, you great half-breed! Mer-children these days always in everybody's way... Oh how am I going to tell everyone the ball was rescheduled to tonight not next week?!"

"Maybe I can help? Besides, you dropped this pearl the other day," Sara said, handing the fish the large pearl she'd found in the sea-witch's lair, rather relieved she hadn't missed the royal ball after all. Maybe that's why I received an invitation, the sea-witch, or rather the real queen of the seas wanted to meet me there.

"You again! Oh my..! Whatever happened to your tail?!" the clown fish noticed her human legs.

"Nothing, I never had one. I'm a human girl not a mermaid."

"Umm, a human girl you say? I knew this day was near, take this pearl it'll teleport you to the sea-witch who will help you. You didn't hear it from me..." and with that the fish swam away as fast as his fins would allow him to.

Sara blew on the pearl and in a flash she found herself near a large rock. A dolphin swam by in front of her swimming towards another dolphin. Sara was awed to be so close to the beautiful creatures. Then she noticed someone watching her, on the rock, sitting with a sad smile. It was the sea-witch she had first encountered in the cave.

"Hello, Sara Mubarak," she smiled gruesomely. Sara tried not to flinch when she saw the disgustingly white mouth open.

"Hello," Sara offered.

"I have waited for centuries for a young girl to find me. Did Stuart give you the watch-cuff?"

"How do you..." Sara started to say with some fear in her eyes.

"It isn't by chance you're here. Stuart had a prophecy that you would come and relieve me of my curse. He was right, as he always was. How is he? I do miss him terribly..."

"He's quite miserable, but I guess that's how he always is. Are you the one who gave him this watch-cuff? And the spell to keep his house dry?" Sara realized suddenly.

"You are a smart one," the witch smiled.

Sara sighed in relief; if the witch had been a friend of Stuart's then she couldn't be bad. Suddenly, a surge of jealousy filled her when she realized what that meant. Had she been one of Stuart's lovers? Sara tried to clear her mind and think rationally but couldn't. The witch was emitting a sense of danger that Sara didn't like even though she knew it was part of the spell put upon her.

"No, I don't have a silly watch-cuff. What do you want from me?"

"There's no need to be so riled, little one. I just need the cuff for a few seconds then you can have it. Please help me break this curse so I can prevent my husband's evil reign," the witch pleaded.

Sara had an internal battle with herself. Was this witch really Poseidon's wife? The clown fish could be her minion luring in girls for her to eat. That couldn't be possible; the witch had a chance to attack her before. Yet what had she to lose in giving her the cuff if that was why Stuart had given it to her to start with? Plus, she was curious as to why the witch needed the cuff for a few seconds. Slowly, she handed the box to the witch.

"Thank you, I am much indebted to you," the witch said before taking the cuff out and placing a round golden clock with too many knobs and dials inside.

Suddenly, a blast of blinding golden light filled the water making Sara cover her eyes. Sara heard a song so beautiful, she had goosebumps. Is that the sound of angels, am I dead? she thought. When the light dimmed, Sara found that in the place of the sea-witch stood a beautiful woman with floor-length red hair and a shimmering silver tail. The mermaid's brown eyes sparkled with gratitude as twirled around a little, now joy rode out in waves from her being instead of cold and fear.

"The curse is finally broken, oh how I have waited so long watching my husband commit so many crimes while I was stuck as an unrecognizable and detestable witch! I am Queen Amphitrite, Goddess of the ocean but banished by my husband and cursed. Now you have freed me to undo his horrors. Come with me, we have a ball to attend!" the Queen said in a joyous yet grave voice that Sara tried imitating in a mutter.

Sara was amazed, Queen Amphitrite was the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen, she looked like she had all the wisdom in the world held in her eyes. The queen handed Sara the cuff back and placed it round her wrist.

"Sniff the moonrose, I'll meet you there!"

Sara took the moonrose Stuart had given her and took in its beautiful scent that transported her to the royal gardens again.

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