Sara in Atlantis

Entering another world of magical mysticism, it was just like Alice going down the rabbit hole.

Sara fell head-first into land of Atlantis that was under the cruel reign of Poseidon. She was a girl on a mission, a simple mission in a world she knew nothing about and didn't know who she could trust. Stumbling through the world of water-fairies, mermaids and pirate ghosts, she discovers magic isn't all she thought it'd be...

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4. Fairy Queen

Chapter Four

The moment they went into the forest Brahmaba warned her not to look back. Sara was too curious for her own good; when she looked back she yelped and felt her stomach drop. They were on a jagged mountain summit, seconds from falling to certain death.

"But we just came from there! How...?" Sara exclaimed in hysterics, suddenly not the biggest lover of magic.

"This place is designed with great magic; the Black Forest in Germany is the highest part of the German Scarplands that is what it is here too. Don't be scared you have no risk of falling."

Sara stared; I'm glad fairies take geography... She thought sarcastically.

The other fairies encouraged her to move on, and so the hiking and trekking began. Sara kept swatting branches and leaves from her face and looking around every time she heard the slightest sound as they made their way between Norway spruce and Scots pine trees. At one point, Chivemious noticed her jumpiness and started to howl like a wolf which made her jump up the nearest tree. She had refused to come down for a good five minutes before they convinced her there was nothing dark in the forest except the trees. After about half an hour of walking/flying, Sara felt her legs (and wings) couldn't go any further. Fortunately, they came to a stop at a clearing.

"Ah, here it is. Stop panting, Sara! What is the song again?" asked Chivemious.

"Akgaga sitara, pinchata ghusala,

Chinita, sitara, pinchata kurusla'a,

Devivita sartara, exopita, inishtara kartarar," Elyvol sang like a lark, only sweeter.

Sara felt she understood the words even though they were completely foreign to her. The song was about the purity of heart and the desire of finding a hidden treasure.

"The words are those of poetry in Nymphian, one of the many watery languages. It is used to address the Queen's witch-enchanted barriers," Prail explained to Sara in a whisper.

Suddenly, a beautiful building started to rise in the midst of the dark green thickness of the forest. First the turrets immerged, then, slowly, the rest of the house. It looked like it belonged in a fairytale.

Brahmaba looked flustered as he swung the gate open revealing the beautifully pruned and nurtured garden. They walked down a jewelled path towards a dark wood-door that had just appeared. Before they reached the front door, it was opened by a smiling fairy-butler.

"Thank you, Dinsey," Brahmaba said to the smiling lad. Prail rushed over and knocked the fairy-butler down with a bear-hug.

"He's her wingmate," Nachel giggled excitedly.

"What's a wingmate?" Sara asked with curiosity.

"Oh, a wingmate is someone a fairy connects with for the rest of their five hundred years. We need them to survive after we pass one hundred because our wings get weak and can only stay in shape when we perform a spell with our wingmates. It's what you humans call soul mates," Nachel grinned with shining eyes.

Swyti rolled his eyes while his brother looked as dazed as ever.

"Prail has a wingmate? When did that happen?"

"When you were busy getting high on jellyfish! Those darned turtles," Swyti cursed.

Sara giggled. She had just remembered that jellyfish were like a drug to turtles, they seemed to have the same effect on fairies.

"Well, do come in! Anitania awaits you," Dinsey said to them from the floor where he sat with Prail in his arms.

They went down a magnificently decorated hallway, (leaving Prail and a flustered Dinsey behind to catch up) and up to a gilded door.

"This is the Queen's throne room, you blasted fairies can cause your mischief out here, that means you, Chivemious!" Brahmaba said with a slightly threatening tone.

"Okay, okay! After you," Chivemious smirked holding the door open and gesturing for Sara to enter.

Sara shrugged and walked through to find a grand room that seemed nearly fifty feet across, it had polished marble walls, pink crystal floors and beautiful Renaissance paintings on the ceiling that arched up into a handsome dome. At the end of the room, there was a woman sitting on a throne. Sara didn't know how to address a queen, luckily for her Brahmaba was right behind her.

"Anitania! It's such a pleasure to see you again," he beamed, his arms spread wide.

They took a few steps forward and found they were right in front of the throne. I will never be used to this magic, Sara said internally. The room had been so long, it didn't seem possible that they had crossed it in just a few steps.

Brahmaba and Anitania shook hands, both smiling with twinkling eyes. Brahmaba had magically become as tall as an average man. Sara stared in surprise.

"Ah, you must be Sara!" the queen turned to hug her. Sara was quite shocked and did not know how to respond, "We have waited for you to come for so long! Finally, these are better days I am certain."

Frowning, Sara tried to puzzle out what the queen had said. I've been expected?

Brahmaba turned to Sara and smiled sadly, "Sara, it is important that you listen well to what we are going to say to you. In these waters, there have been many horrors. The mighty King Poseidon, our neighbour, has been doing a great deal of evil. He has plans to kill every last sea-being who tries to oppose his sadistic ways. Have you ever heard of the Mary Celeste? Well he kidnapped the entire crew and turned them into sea-bound ghosts to serve him in his cruel endeavours. He plans on taking thousands of human lives to do that. But that is hardly the worse that he's done.

He turned his wife into a sea-witch so that nobody would talk with her and realize that she is queen of all the seas. Someone in these waters predicted this day. The day that a human girl would come into our realm to free the queen and stop Poseidon before it's too late for both people and sea-beings."

Anitania nodded to the statement, "We beg of you to rid us of this evil that befouls our world. We know you are young but your task is not to fight Poseidon, just to go to the sea-witch and she'll tell you of your task."

Queen Anitania reached for a pearl from around her neck and gave it to the bewildered Sara, "Good luck dear. Fate didn't choose you without a reason. You are much more than what meets the eye. That pearl will take you to where the fairies found you. There isn't much time. You must be in time for the ball where he'll announce his new set of laws that'll enslave everyone! Akitava rikitiviza'a kartdra ie de ghetyia, farewell and may your endeavours not be in vain."

Brahmaba kissed the queen on the cheek, blushing slightly before taking Sara's hand and leading her out. Sara's mind was spinning too fast to notice that she had been led back outside to the woods and that her wings had disappeared the moment she had approached the queen.

"Hello, is anyone home?" Nachel knocked on the side of Sara's skull, "You're wingless!"

"Oh, hi."

"What did they do to you?" Swyti asked with a snigger.

"Sara, breathe on the pearl and imagine the place we found you at," Brahmaba ordered, ignoring the jokes and banter.

"Goodbye, Sara," Chivemious said with a smirk.

What is it with these fairies and being so mysterious and mischievous? Sara wondered.

The fairies all waved goodbye as she held the pearl near her lips and imagined the cave. Her surroundings transformed into that same obscure rock cave.

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