Sara in Atlantis

Entering another world of magical mysticism, it was just like Alice going down the rabbit hole.

Sara fell head-first into land of Atlantis that was under the cruel reign of Poseidon. She was a girl on a mission, a simple mission in a world she knew nothing about and didn't know who she could trust. Stumbling through the world of water-fairies, mermaids and pirate ghosts, she discovers magic isn't all she thought it'd be...

[First Draft, Completed]

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11. Atlantis At War

Chapter Eleven

There were sounds of a fight coming from upstairs. A loud bang and clank resounded clearly. Sara could hear shouts and cries and metal against metal. The battle had begun.

The blue-haired warrior mermaid in her shiny silver armour stood tall as she smiled malevolently, completely ignoring the noise.

"I'm teary-eyed but never cry.

Silver-tongued, but never lie.

Double-winged, but never fly.

Air-cooled, but never dry."

Sara sighed in relief; she had heard this one before from the lips of her school teacher some years ago. 

"Mercury!" the young girl squealed.

The warrior glanced at her side-ways before dropping back down on the rock where she started to sharpen her weapon causing Sara to gulp before saying hurriedly the one riddle she could think of:

"We hurt, we bring joy, we change lives, we poison yet we cannot be physically felt. We bear the truth and the lies. We exist in many forms, in many worlds, and through many lives. What are we?"

The warrior continued sharpening the blades of her trident spear with a large whetting stone, not even glancing up.

"Disease?" the warrior asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No, how could disease bring joy?" Sara was now convinced this mermaid was a sadist.


"I can see where you're coming from, indeed some might worship them but no."

"Ghosts," the warrior stood up looking straight at Sara with piercing metallic blue eyes.

"No," Sara said, hardly believing she had won. "Words."

"I am at your service," the warrior replied icily, standing up.

"Do what you can to assist Queen Amphitrite in the battle against Poseidon, prevent war from happening," Sara looked straight into the eyes of the warrior as she stated her desire.

Sara turned and called for the fairies to come in, they had sprinkled themselves with pixie sand and were now taller than she was.

"Go set the prisoners free, tell them to join in battle against Poseidon!" Sara yelled, as she left, grabbing a sword a fairy had offered her before swimming manically away from the dungeons.

She was exhausted both physically and mentally. Fed up of being terrorized by sea creatures and she craved bread, oddly enough. She also missed the breeze against her face and her parents' peculiar joking.

She swam past the ballroom, noticing that the grand statue of Poseidon had been smashed to pieces. That had to have been the work of the queen. Various creatures of the deep were fighting all around it, some with silver swords, other with bronze maces; Sara even saw odd crossbows being fired. An arrow flew right by her causing her to swim deep into the battle.

A merman dressed in black nearly stabbed her but she side-stepped him in time. She brought her sword down heavily to his head from behind, glad of her four years fencing practice. She noticed that some of the fairies had joined the battle. She hoped they'd be okay.

She fought with a giant octopus that had a mace in every tentacle. Sara had to jump back every second; not knowing from which direction the next blow would come. She chopped off one of the tentacles when she saw how heavy the mace was for the creature to hold in such a slim, limp limb. She chopped off two more before the octopus sprayed her with ink and vanished.

She ran out to the garden where most of the fight seemed to be going on. The air full of war cries, sword against sword and the colour of blood. Mermaids, both good and bad were engaged in fierce combat. Sara's eyes widened at the sight of such horror. So much for being a peaceful world... she said to herself, remembering how she had envied fish for living in a serene world.

Then, before she could react, an arrow grazed her thigh causing her to fall and hit her head on a stone. The world went quiet and dark.

What seemed like only a moment later she woke up in a soft bed. Groaning, she wondered where she was and why her head hurt so much. Gingerly, she sat up and her vision blurred. Her surroundings spun in and out of view before she could see clearly. She was in a long room full of plush decorations and a few dozen beds, most of which were occupied. A pretty human woman approached her with a lantern.

"Be careful, dear. You hit your head pretty badly. I managed to heal your thigh entirely but I don't think the potion is safe to use on a human head," the woman said in a heavy accent.

Sara's eyes grew large as images of what had happened flooded her head again. "What happened? With the battle? Who won?"

"Queen of the Seas ended Poseidon's reign. It's safe now."

Sara sighed in relief. She had never been violent before, she was astounded at how quickly she had reacted to danger. At least now she knew she could defend herself. She smiled, realizing that for once in her life she had done something right and accomplished something grand.

"They're already writing songs about you, little one," the lady with the lamp said, smiling sadly.

"Why do you look familiar," Sara asked curiously.

The lady shook her head and smiled, "I don't think you know many ghosts, dear."

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