Sara in Atlantis

Entering another world of magical mysticism, it was just like Alice going down the rabbit hole.

Sara fell head-first into land of Atlantis that was under the cruel reign of Poseidon. She was a girl on a mission, a simple mission in a world she knew nothing about and didn't know who she could trust. Stumbling through the world of water-fairies, mermaids and pirate ghosts, she discovers magic isn't all she thought it'd be...

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7. An Unexpected Romance

Chapter Seven

Stuart smiled and in no time they were talking excitedly about their two different worlds, both sharing an insatiable thirst for the unknown.

"So now there really aren't many kings and kingdoms left? Just countries with presidents? I read a bit of that in a book a mermaid gave me from her human lover. I think that's a much better idea, monarchies were too complicated and above themselves, it didn't matter if the prince was a complete idiot he would still become ruler. I wish we could have democratic elections here too. That way, we can boot Poseidon off the throne. What is new in terms of inventions? I obviously know that Gutenberg invented printing long before I was even born but from the books I get, printing seems to have changed for the better. The ink is brighter." Stuart asked excitedly.

"Well there are quite a few things you've missed out on in medicine, technology and science in general. For example, vaccines against many diseases that are now harmless which were at your time fatal such as typhus and antibiotics that treat many diseases such as the plague. Though there are some things that I'm sure you're glad to have missed out on such as the most fatal wars in the history of humanity and all the guns and bombs, you know what a bomb is?"

"Oh, yes! A few fell into the sea so I know how it's like. Frightful things! Whoever thought of those?"

"Some guy hoping to help his side in the war. You missed out on the inventions of microwaves and fridges and elevators. You would love to visit cities nowadays! There are these massive buildings we call skyscrapers and road vehicles we call cars! You don't know what a modern day car looks like? You should see the new self-driving cars. Oh and you've probably never watched television!"

"Whoa! Slow down there. So many foreign words in there! What is the function of an elevator and what does it look like?"

And so their conversations went in that typical manner until Stuart felt his head could explode with all this new information. Sara was such a well educated person which led to questions about modern education.

"I am so glad women are now allowed to go to medical school, the more doctors the better I say. It is refreshing talking to a well educated female. Your era seems to be the best one yet, I'd say. How does the schooling system work?"

From there they soon went to answer some of Sara's questions.

"So who is the real ruler of the seas? I'm so confused because I met the fairy queen and then there is this mysterious cursed queen and Poseidon."

"Well the cursed queen is the real leader of the seas, Poseidon only got to where he is by being a foul player and treacherous ruler. He tricked the queen into marrying him under pretences that he loved her and cared for the seas but all he cares is that a thousand more statues are to be built of him with his precious trident. The fairy queen is queen of water-sprites, not the seas. She is a fair ruler and one of the best in fairy history. I have a few books here about sprite monarchy and some of their magic and languages if you're interested."

"I am interested! How can I not be? Do you have any books on mermaids?"

They chatted about his inventions, how Poseidon ruled the sea and Sara told him about all the happenings up on land and how time had evolved. He took her to his underground lab and showed her his potions and then his library that had thousands of books which Sara delighted in. He took her on to the roof of the tower which was on the surface; it turned out to be an island.

Sara was fascinated by his knowledge, taken by the beauty of his ways. Slowly, she felt feelings very foreign to her grow for the cursed man who could barely smile. They gave each other a little joy for what seemed only a couple hours to Sara but was indeed days. She felt a fire-breathing dragon grow in the pits of her stomach, roaring in delight with every conversation and every stunning smile Stuart would suddenly show.

He introduced her to his friends, a few lizards on the island, talking seagulls (named Magnolia and Humphrey), dolphins (Samuel was his closest friend), and a few rare whales that simply took Sara's breath away. She'd listen to their songs for hours until she fell asleep on the shores of the island only to wake in a soft bed in Stuart's crystalline tower, to the smell of him making her breakfast with a rare smile.

On the fifth day, Sara realized for the first time that she had parents who were probably worried sick about her and a mission to complete. She gazed at the empty sea all around for miles from the island where she had been watching Stuart tend to his silver and black moonroses in the ghostly moonlight. She felt sad and sick as the realization came upon her. She knew she had to leave. But why should she? Why leave this paradise and this poor wretch instead of help him and follow her heart? She clenched her fists as the dragon in her stomach twisted and writhed in pain. She guessed this was what star-crossed lovers felt. This is what it felt like to disappoint a man whose flaws weren't his own and his heart was larger than life, this was how it felt to say goodbye to the only joy and excitement she'd ever had. She knew it was the right thing to do yet why did it feel so wrong?

Stuart looked up at her, his facial scars already fading from her care and love. His crippled leg was back to normal. He didn't wear black anymore, instead downing on silver shirts and white shorts. Suddenly, she noticed that his eyes were full of pain, he knew. Was this how he felt every time? How many other women had left him? How many times had he known that they were going to leave him to his pain and eternal anguish? Sara now felt a huge rock settle in the pit of her stomach, guilt and heartbreak.

"I have something for you," he whispered in a wretched sparrow whisper.

Sara hated the change of his tone; it echoed the sadness in his grey eyes. She didn't deserve a parting present for bringing him disappointment.

"You have been my first joy in decades, I am so thankful to you. I really wish you could stay but I know when someone just has to leave. Come downstairs to the tower."

She followed him down to his living area. He brought out a velvet box and handed it to her along with a single silver moonrose. She opened the box and gasped. Inside, there was a brass watch-cuff with a keyhole. There were many designs on it of angels and roses and trees and moons and birds.

"It's beautiful!" she exclaimed with wide eyes.

"It's the original watch-cuff of the queen who had the time-changing watch before it was taken from her. Keep it to remember me by, and use it well," he smiled sadly before kissing her cheek and turning away.

Sara sighed and walked out the door whispering a promise she knew only he'd hear.

"I'll come back looking for you, I'll never give up. I really do love you."

When she had walked to the opposite side of the courtyard she looked back and found that the tower had disappeared. He hadn't had the heart to tell her she could only find him once.


Media: A bit of a city underwater, looks epic. Pulchram?


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