Sara in Atlantis

Entering another world of magical mysticism, it was just like Alice going down the rabbit hole.

Sara fell head-first into land of Atlantis that was under the cruel reign of Poseidon. She was a girl on a mission, a simple mission in a world she knew nothing about and didn't know who she could trust. Stumbling through the world of water-fairies, mermaids and pirate ghosts, she discovers magic isn't all she thought it'd be...

[First Draft, Completed]

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13. Aboard the Stellar Pearl

Chapter Thirteen

Sara sat for a while in the garden of the palace deep in thought. Playing everything over, she felt bliss to know that her wishes of falling head-first into magical mysticism had come true. She sighed; now it was time to go home.

She remembered a whistle Stuart had taught her that would call Patrick the dolphin. Surely the dolphin could help her resurface.

She whistled hard and long. And waited.

As she waited, hoping the dolphin wasn't too far away and had actually heard her call, her mind wondered stubbornly back to Stuart.

How was he? Did he still bleed or had she stayed long enough for his wounds to be healed? At least she hoped she had. She thought back to when they had reclined on the sandy shores of his island, chatting with dolphins and whales, picking moonroses, cooking seaweed and shrimp together... she wondered if he ever thought of her. She missed everything, from his sad grey eyes to his enchanting ever-singing voice. She even missed his fondness of his quirky indoor fairytale forest design.

She felt something rubbing against her neck. She spun around as fast as lightning startling a poor dolphin that had come to her rescue. Sara was as surprised to see the dolphin as the dolphin was by her vulgar actions.

"Oh, I'm sorry to have startled you, dear only I thought you were someone else..." Sara said, she had indeed thought it was Stuart. The action-packed time she'd spent away from him had restrained any longing but now that she nothing to do, he filled her thoughts.

"Well, why did you whistle?" the dolphin asked starting to look a little bothered by her silence.

"Oh, I was calling for Patrick but if you could help I'd be very grateful. I need to get to the surface, and better yet to land."

"Patrick is a good friend of mine, I was looking for my wife who's waiting for me because I'm late for dinner but I guess I do owe him a favour. I'll take you to land, I'm late either way," the dolphin seemed to be talking to himself as he rattled on.

"Oh, by the way, I'm Orion," he said, remembering his new acquaintance.

"I'm Sara, thank you so much!"

"Well hold on tight! It's going to be a fast ride!"

Sara held on to Orion's dorsal fin with both hands and suddenly felt as if she was being flung catapulted through the water upwards. The exhilaration and delight she felt were infinite.

In ten minutes, Orion came to a stop in front of a large ship. The sounds of celebration were coming from it.

The ship looked strangely familiar.

It was the ghost pirates' ship, and the ghost pirates were singing songs.

"Mighty ol' lord of sea, turned into seaweed mush! Wrapped in a coral bed, and tossed down for sharks' fed!"

"Wontcha look 'ear! It's that lass they all be talkin' about, the one who freed us," a shipmate yelled out, grinning his full mouth of gold teeth as he pointed at Sara.

"Hurrah! Hurrah! Hail the young lass," the crew chanted as three men plucked her from the water and hoisted her on their shoulders.

Once they finally put her down, she smiled and said, "You can return the favour and take me home. My parents are probably wondering where I am."

"Ahoy! We'll certainly take you home!" the beautiful woman who could only be the captain said from behind the steering wheel.

"We sail North-West, lads!" she yelled.

A green-haired man, hardly older than herself took her below deck and showed her to a room. It looked comfortable and homely with the exception of the bizarre clockwork that seemed to be everywhere. She smiled, pleased to have a bed again. She flopped down to catch some snooze time.

What seemed like only minutes later, Sara awoke to find herself facing a bright red light. Shielding her eyes, she realized it was sunrise. She found some clothes placed on the foot of the Victorian bed she slept on. Frowning, she realized it was a pair of breeches and a corset top.

"Would you be requiring help to wear that?" a mellow voice said from behind her. It was a pretty girl of about eighteen, with sandy hair and bright wide eyes.

"Yes, I think," Sara said, holding the top upside-down.

The girl giggled and helped her into her ancient clothes. "My name is Lacy, I'm captain Alice's daughter. It was so brave of you, helping the sea Queen like that!"

"Oh, umm it didn't feel like it. I just did what was asked," Sara mumbled, as she realized she could hardly breathe with all the tugging Lacy was doing on the back of the corset.

"Oh of course you'd be all humble. Too tight?"


After she was dressed, Sara was led on deck where she found they had almost reached the beach where she and her parents had been sunbathing what seemed to Sara a lifetime ago.

A sudden surge of nostalgia took over her senses. She missed her parents very much and felt genuine guilt remembering how she never heeded their words. She promised herself then and there, on the deck of a multipurpose ghost ship, that she would try her best to be a good daughter.

"We cant go any further, you'll have to swim. We may yet meet again," Lacy beamed, surprising Sara with a hug, as Captain Alice came and saluted her.

"You are always welcome aboard the Stellar Pearl," Alice said with great sincerity. "We could use someone with your bravery and skills at some point in our travels between lands and worlds. Goodbye, but not forever."

Sara furrowed her brow, was it possible that she'd find this magic again in her life?

She dived off the lower deck and swam to shore, hearing shouts of appraisal and faded victory songs in the distance thinking it was the last she'd ever hear of them.

Once at shore, a bearded, sun-burned fisherman  saw her and helped her walk. He offered to drive her back to the hotel (Sara hardly noticed his fluent English). She was too tired and tipsy on land to argue. When they stopped in front of where her parents were lodging, he helped her up the steps, winked then left quite suddenly. Sara blinked slightly in surprise, she could almost swear he had vanished into thin air.

Up in her room, she found a maid making her bed.

"Have you seen my parents?" Sara asked in broken Italian.

The maid nodded and replied that her parents were in the pool downstairs before leaving with a smile.

Sara felt a lump form in her throat. Had they forgotten they had a daughter?

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