Sara in Atlantis

Entering another world of magical mysticism, it was just like Alice going down the rabbit hole.

Sara fell head-first into land of Atlantis that was under the cruel reign of Poseidon. She was a girl on a mission, a simple mission in a world she knew nothing about and didn't know who she could trust. Stumbling through the world of water-fairies, mermaids and pirate ghosts, she discovers magic isn't all she thought it'd be...

[First Draft, Completed]

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1. A Dive Down Deep

Chapter One

Why couldn't she enjoy a holiday in Italy like a normal person? Maybe it was the bustle of the cities and the crowds on the beaches but something made Sara pull a face. Yet here she was in a full-body swim suit and goggles ready to hit the water for some shallow scuba-diving.

"Don't go in further, Sara darling! It would be awful if you were to be taken away by the tide or drowned," called her mother, Nejma Saidi with a floppy straw hat and large dark sunglasses. Nejma was sunbathing lazily next to her rather red husband who wore incredibly small swimming trunks. He looked a bit like a large crimson balloon that had been squeezed at the middle and might pop at any moment. One would almost expect him to carry a warning sign hanging around his neck saying Danger! Take several steps backwards in case of explosion. Sara had always made fun of his large belly behind his back but secretly she was terrified of becoming like that herself. To be quite thorough, she also didn't want to be like her mother who was thin and would be perfectly lovely if she could just smile and say something nice for a change. Sara rarely took her parents seriously. She ignored her mother's words with just an "Okay" in reply.

Looking around at all the holiday-makers, Sara wondered what their lives were like. She somehow felt they weren't at all special or interesting. It disappointed her at such a young age to discover how bland and boring life and people were. She longed for something extraordinary, something magical to happen. She dreamed of falling down a rabbit hole, or finding Peter Pan trying to stick his shadow back on, or discovering that hidden world at the back of her wardrobe.

People and lands in books were far more interesting than anything she'd seen in this world. She had long wondered if she could possibly belong to some other universe, a magnificent land where nothing was the same and every day was an adventure. She lived within these mystical lands that she travelled to every night, on a moth-eaten armchair in her father's private library where she read, with all the curiosity, belief, and passion you could imagine every book her hands could reach.

The calm sea glimmered green-blue. She could see small silver fish darting between her legs. The noises of the chatter and the cries and giggles of children were all white-noise to her as she lifted her head up to look at the cloudless sky, lying on her back, afloat; letting her thoughts roll.

Seagulls flew haphazardly above her, partying between the sea and the sky, she loathed how they squawked and how they fought over fish. The chaos of their simple lives was a reflection of her own and she hated to make that comparison. She stood again in the water to find that she had drifted slightly and the water now reached her chin. She saw more fish enjoying their aquatic world, swimming between colourful seaweeds and corals; it was far more peaceful and interesting than her own.

In a moment of complete attraction, she immersed herself underwater and looked around. She had always had a rather shocking talent for holding her breath underwater. She stared at the fishes and swam further towards a small school of bright pink ones swimming towards a large clump of seaweed.

Beneath the surface, the world seemed serene and kaleidoscopic. Sunlight danced through the water in broken rays. She swam through the throngs of seaweed with the fishes wondering if they had a destination. Through the coral, rocks and shells, she was met with a magnificent sight.

Even her adept mind couldn't quite grasp that it was all real. A whopping country under the water spread out before her for miles. She was astounded. Her excitement paramount, she swam to the nearest shell-covered building that stood alone from the rest. It was too small for her to enter so she stuck her head through the door to take a peak. It was empty except for a lot of seaweed and a jellyfish wearing leather boots on every tentacle that immediately hid upon seeing her.

Now it hadn't occurred to her that a jellyfish wearing boots was anything unnatural at first, but upon later revision she realized it really was the first time she'd seen a clothed sea creature.

"Hey there little jellyfish there's no need to be scared. I don't mean you any harm!" Sara found herself saying. She didn't feel any surprise in finding she could speak underwater as well as breathe. It also didn't strike her as particularly odd that she was talking to a jellyfish. The jellyfish however was now nowhere to be seen. Sara sighed and turned back to the outside world.

She suddenly saw a clown fish in shiny armour swimming furiously muttering something about a mermaid ball. With her eyes the size of saucers, she turned to follow the fish as fast as she could. She saw the fish go into a hidden cave decorated in broken shells, phosphorescent bugs and red marine plants; she pushed through the seaweed curtain that obscured the entrance and went in only to find that she had intruded upon a spacious lair. Whose lair it was, she did not yet know. There was a plush velvet armchair that could seat even her large father, and an enormous bag on top of a pearl-encrusted jade green table. In the bag, there were many plants and tentacles that seemed to belong to dead jellyfishes along with curious iron and bronze objects and clockwork. Sara wondered if this could be the lair of a mermaid. How simply amazing it would be to meet a mermaid! She thought with joy, what stories they could tell! Are they as beautiful as some myths claimed, or scary as is noted in others?

Sara had never thought that she looked pretty despite grown-ups always saying so. She didn't have many friends; they were just classmates who she tolerated in class. She felt most were rather stupid if you could judge simply by the way they never seemed to understand lessons. "The mermaid is probably prettier than Jennifer Cooper," she muttered to herself with a slight smile.

At the back of the cave, there was a passageway. Sara had seen the fish dart in that direction, but before she could follow it, she found herself facing a monster. 

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