Private school girl

Zoe has moved so she can start the new private school for girls. Meaning she has to walk through the roughest estate in town. Meeting Michael Clifford a rather interesting person....


3. the chipshop

I walked into the shop. I loved the smell of this place. Michael had mentioned he may be going so I was pretty looking forward to seeing him. I mean come on! Did you see how hot he was??

I ordered my food and waited. The door opened. I turned around expecting to see Michael. Instead I saw the gang member from earlier. Hemmings.

He looked me up and down but I turned away. I then felt him move closer to me.

"Hey, I didnt catch your name" he said standing infront of me leaning on the counter.

"Because I didn't throw it asshole" I replied turning the other way. He moved so he was in my view.

"Playing hard to gwt, I like it" he grinned.

I snorted and folded my arms.

"I saw you hanging out with Michael, don't you think you'd be better off with me?" He said. I glared at him.

"The names Luke" he continued holding out his hand to shake, I looked at it in disgust. He put it away casually.

"So here's my number I want you to call me when Michael tosses you aside" he winked putting a card in my pocket.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I questioned.

"Oh you didn't know" he smirked. Damn I wanted to slap the smirk off of his little face.

"He's a bit more, out there, then you may think" he continued.

I shook my head again feeling more confused than ever, what was he getting at?

"He's known for sleeping around a bit. He's a bit of a man slut" Luke's nose crinkled when he said the last part.

"He's nice, he doesn't seem like the kind to be honest" I sighed not believing a word he was saying.

"Yeah, he seems that way, anyway if you ever need me" he looked me up and down "you have my number" he said. He grabbed his order and walked out of the store.


I know this sucked and I haven't been active in a while because I lost my phone but I promise I will be active a lot more...

QOTD- Are you a Josh dun hun?

AOTD- Deffo

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