Private school girl

Zoe has moved so she can start the new private school for girls. Meaning she has to walk through the roughest estate in town. Meeting Michael Clifford a rather interesting person....


2. Michael

I stopped dead and turned around. On the wall sat a red haired guy with a cigarette in his hand.

"Pardon?" I said. He looked a bit rough and wore an old leather jacket with skinny jeans and big boots. His hair was a vibrant red.

"First time round here eh? Must be new. Private school girl I see" he nodded at me.

"So what if I am" I replied.

"Nothing. Your parents must be mad paying for that shitty school"

"Well I got kicked out if my other one. What did you want again?" I asked wanting to walk away.

"I asked you if you were lost.What's someone like you doing around here" he got off the wall and lit his cigarette approaching me.

"Someone like me?" I was staring at him. He looked down at me then pointed to my school badge on my blazer.

"People like you get attacked around here, mugged or even stabbed. I'll walk you home" he said grabbing my arm. How could this guy be trusted?

"Where about do you live?" He asked again.

"I cant tell you that" I said putting my phone in my pocket. He stopped and turned towards me.

"Why not?" He asked.

"Because your a stranger on the roughest estate in town offering to walk me home" I listed.

"I'm Michael Clifford. I only live on here because my parents sent me to live with my Uncle. I'm going back to theirs as soon as they get back from their business trip in six months" He said.

"Nice life story" I said.

He sniffed.

"What's your name then? Miss private school girl" He said.

"Zoe" I replied.

"I take it you live near the bakery" Michael said.

"How did you know?" I was astounded he had guessed something like that.

"All the posh kids do. Can I have your number?" He asked. I was shocked. Why would he take such an interest in me?

"Uh if you want. Why?" I asked.

"Because. I do okay. Pass me your phone and I'll put it in" he held his tattooed hand out and I was hesitant to give the phone to him because he could steal it. He fiddled with it for a few minutes before handing it back and I put my phone in my pocket.

"So Michael, tell me about yourself" I said.

I was trying to make conversation.

"Clifford!" I heard a yell. The hooded gang was in front of us. I gulped and looked over at Michael who looked terrified as well.

They strolled up to us. I had the instinct to run away but I stayed where I was, Michael still holding my arm.

"What do you guys want?" Michael demanded lookin pissed.

"The money you owe me" he put his hood down. He was blonde with a lip ring in.

"I owe you nothing Hemmings" Michael said.

"You owe me lots of things. I want the money by next week or I'm sending my men to take care of you, your posh little girlfriend and your stupid grandma" Te boy spat before walking away with his army of dementors.

"What was that about?" I asked him.

"Nothing. I can take care of it" Michael put his cigarette out and slipped his hands in his pockets.

We walked in silence.

The bakery was the only familiar thing around here so I knew my way home from here.

"Will you be ok?" I asked Michael.

"Why would you care? Anyway its only Hemmings he'll probably send in Irwin like he usually does. Are you alright from here?" He asked.

"Yeah I'll be fine. Good luck Michael Clifford" I said. He hugged me which I just had my hands to my side.


"I might see you again tomorrow" he winked and walked off.


I walked away from her. Oh my god she was perfect! When I saw her I knew I would never have the balls to talk to her.

But I did and I got her number. I wasn't worried about Luke Hemmings. He was a dick anyway. He's the biggest drug dealer/criminal in town. He's been in prison for five years when he was just thirteen and came out worse than when he went in.

I walked to my Uncle's flat after climbing the stairs which stunk of Mrs Daniel's cats litter trays.

I decided to text Zoe.

M- Hey its Michael

I put my phone in my pocket as I spotted the flat door already open. Uncle Greg was on his drunken rampage again and was probably stuck in a baby swing at some park. However he was sat in the hallway at the frame of the door to the bathroom. There was hardly any food in the cupboards so I didn't eat and climbed up to my room. It was in the loft. I had no light so I had to make do. I was awake all last night so today I was tired.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out. Zoe had replied.

Z- hey

M- what you doing?

I wanted to make conversation because I wanted her to like me. I had no chance in dating her though. I had no money. No job and nothing.

Z- going out to the chippy you?

M- nothing really

I had no idea how to respond. I had no money to go to the chippy unless I stole. I could take a fiver out of Uncle Greg's wallet after all he gets money off Gran every day.

Z- nice.

Now if that didn't make things awkward nothing did.

M- in going to the chippy aswell

Z- might see you there 😉

I climbed down and the shower was on, Uncle Greg was probably trying something stupid as he is drunk.

I crept into the living room. His wallet was on the table. I took five dollars out and put it back in the same position. He was drunk he would never notice.

M- I'm going now

Z- same 😉


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