Private school girl

Zoe has moved so she can start the new private school for girls. Meaning she has to walk through the roughest estate in town. Meeting Michael Clifford a rather interesting person....


6. Awkward

Michael and I walked home together for the next three days. Even when I had a rubbish day he always cheered me up when I was down.

On Friday I saw Emily behind me and started walking faster, she and I were known enemies now and the entire school were waiting for us to blow.

I saw Michael stood at the gates on his phone. Me and him were going out later and then I was going to his house tomorrow.

He saw me and waved, he started walking towards me and I felt someone pull me back. Emily.

"Who's this hottie?" She walked towards Michael.

"Hey Zoe you ready to go?" He asked ignoring Emily.

"Sure" I replied smirking at Emily.

"I'm Zoe's boyfriend. I hear you've been giving her a shitty time. Take your fucking barbie dolls and walk away you little spoilt bitches. Leave her alone or I will personally kick you in the vagina" he flipped his hair and pulled me away.

"Michael! You cant kick a girl in the vagina!" I laughed.

"Its only Irwin's sister. She and her whole family are just posh nobs" he giggled.

"Thankyou anyway, so where are we going?" I asked.

"You will need to change" he looked at my uniform.

"We will stop off at mine" I said.

"Oh we ain't walking" he added smiling mysteriously.

"You can drive?" I questioned.

"Well my motorcycle is over there" he said sheepishly.

"OMG cool! I've never been on one" I said. It had been one of my dreams to ride on a motorcycle especially with a hot boy.

"Really" he passed me a helmet and we both got on and I wrapped my arms around his waist.

He drove to mine.

"Come in, my Dad is not here to interrogate you" I joked. I think he took it seriously as he gulped.

"I'm kidding. It's just my Mom she wont mind" I said.

We walked in.

"Hey Zoe" Mom said as I came in. She looked taken aback at the sight of a boy in her house.

"Who's your friend?" She asked.

"Its Michael, I'm getting changed and then we are going out. I'll get dinner while I'm out" I pulled Michael to the stairs where my brother was messing about.

"Move Seth" I pushed him.

"Zoe has a boy friend" Seth shouted.

Michael had never looked more uncomfortable in his life.

"Ignore him" I added. I walked to my room and closed the door.

"Man your Mom looked at me real strange" he said.

"She's like that. Ignore her" I said.

"Do you want me to turn around?" He asked as I started throwing jeans on my bed.

I know him better than that.

"I'll go in my bathroom, just sit down and chill" I said.

He laughed at the word chill.

Michael's pov

I have never felt so out of place in my life. She was a real posh girl. I thought she was more of a middle class person you know average, or whatever you call it. To say she was posh, she was one of the nicest people I've ever had the fortune to meet.

She was in her bathroom changing and I looked around her room. She had a bookshelf full of books such as Harry Potter and a desk in the corner with a large stack of paper and books on it. Her room was untidy but I liked it, random objects such as pens, hairbrushes and headphones lay across the room and there were several pictures of her and her family on the wall.

She came out dressed a bit more my style. Not to mention she looked so hot. Black skinny jeans, a white t shirt and a leather jacket with some black vans.

"Ready?" She asked.

"Sure. You look hot by the way" I smirked and she blushed beetroot.

"I'm flattered now come on" she pulled my arm.

We went down her stairs.

"Hey Penny" she called to her younger sister. The cutest little girl almost double of Zoe. She waved before running into her room. Her brother was screaming from his room. Was he dying?

"He's playing his video games" she assured me.

Relatable. As a heavy gamer myself I know the struggle.

We reached the dining room and her Mom was setting out a meal.

"Bye Mom" she said. Her Mom looked at me.

"What are you dressed like?" She asked.

"Mom, please, I'll be home by ten" she said.

"Be safe"

"Bye Ma'am" I said trying to be polite but she just looked at me coldly.

I cringed and then followed Zoe into the chilly air.

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