Death and Defeat

Darkly themed poems for the literate and sordid.


4. Miscalculated Wishsake

Miscalculated Wish-Sake


Tragic star-dancing in the blood-rain,

Tribunal human instinctual wildness,

Nothing left to lose, and never to gain,

Thrashing restlessly in a melancholic distress,

Smothering hellish yowls of intense pain.



Burden of Damned choices, unwanted,

Echoing their chaotic internal anguish,

Challenge of life, they unwillingly accepted,

For the friendly Death, they sorely wish,

In exchange for lives they threw for the dead.



Row-boat down the Under-worldly River,

Angel Azrael stringing along tarnished souls,

Safe from the depressive twilight shiver,

Full-moon ecstatic flight from the Dolls,

Who gaze with glassy eyes and quiver.



Gloomy Sunday crowd of penumbra-shadows,

Taken forever by eternally Weeping Angels,

A singular company of wretched sparrows,

In their lonely ivory tower, the Banshee of bells,

Multitudinous disturbed hours six feet under dirt-rows.



Hungarian Suicide-bride hanging from an olive tree,

Gazing with inert eyes at the subaqueous Med,

Longing to feel the spry sea-breeze, finally free,

The last sunset fell and exploded; blood-red,

But those barren eyes, nothing could they evermore see.



Acute desire for life, duped for hate,

Another rogue soul, a smothered flame,

Left to pay the price of their execrable state,

Spiraling in the void, pointing a finger of blame,

Wondering how they had such a horrendous fate.





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