Death and Defeat

Darkly themed poems for the literate and sordid.


2. Azrael's Aquatic Acre

The pulchritudinous aquatic lair,

Of resplendent melancholy depth,

A place damaged beyond repair,

Teeming of glazed ghosts of death.

Hither and yon an offed world lingers,

The alluring charm of the cadaverous expanse,

Where bony-ice settles deep in frigid fingers,

A bloodless shore of gothic romance.

Eyes burning with a copper glance,

Vermilion waves wash over the bare sea-bed,

Waking the argenteous sand lance,

From their hide-out in death's head.

This oceanic God's acre,

Populated by inert remains,

Destroying the soul of a ballad-maker,

Hang-out of many sins and life-banes.

My languid, crippled stony heart,

Floating in this burgundy desert,

In fragments shattered into pieces of bloody art,

Blown away in a riotous explosion of subvert.


A/N: This poem is a tribute to the thousands of forgotten lives lost under the sea. 


All Rights Reserved to the writer.

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