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26. tribute~

Toby: So, we had a question from your girlfriend jeeeeeff~

Jeff: -looks up- oh yeah, what'd she say/ask/whateverthefuck?

Toby: uhhhh roughly something about Fangirls and how you deal with them, also something about her killing them... Kill for your lover, that kinda thing, did I quote it correct Green?

Green: -looks up from the corner of the room, her appearance having changed drastically. Her hair is now only shoulder length and messy, the colour has been taken from it and it's just plain white. Her makeup now consists of pretty much just eyeliner, and her eyes hold large bags underneath. She holds a sewing needle in between her lips and nods once- 

Toby: -blinks, before looking back at jeff- so?

Jeff: weeeelll.... There is this one girl that you could sort out for meeeee... She lives like a few miles from here though, can't specify her name either, sadly. But she's obsessed with me-

Marshall: -bursts into laughter from the corner of the room- 

Jeff: -growls- at least people like me. Unlike you.

Felix: -blinks slowly from the doorframe before falling on his face- oof. 

Ted: -stomps in and almost trips over him- dammit- we have visitors... Everybody prepare yourselves.

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