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5. oh god

Green: helloooooo againnnnnnnnn!

Toby: hiiiiiiiiiii

Ben: I'm leaving byeeeeeeeeeee *leaves quickly*

E.j: seriously I would leave with him but I can't be bothered....

Green: it's another date for you Jeff!

Toby: it doesn't involve you does it babe???

Green: thankfully not

Toby: *sighs with relief*

Jeff: woohoo go on then what is it?

Green: *whispers* FANGIRL dares you to break all of bens video games

Jeff: crap he won't like that...

Masky: that's the whole point genius!

Jeff: *snaps all bens video games in half one by one*

Hoodie: *flinches at every snap*

L.j: *laughs*

Sally: Ben will never forgive you...!!

Liu: I can't believe you went along with it!!!!

Sully: are you retarded?!?

Liu: shit sorry.

Ben: so what went on while I was-

Jeff: *snaps Zelda Majoras mask*


Jeff: *bites bottom lip* it was a dare?

Ben: *attempts to strangle jeff* I F**KING HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Liu: *tackles Ben off of jeff*

Ben: *fire burning out of the palms of his hands*

Green: *steps in between the fight*

Ben: *breathing like he's about to kill Jeff and trying to hold back tears, but failing*

Jeff: I'll replace them?

Ben: *chokes and blinks back tears* you better...

Green: I think we're done with dares for the day?

Everyone: *nods silently*

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