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23. Oh fuck.

Jeff: We have some news. *glares at Marshall*

Marshall: *sighs and kicks at the floor* 

Jeff: Marshall has been seen with some guy, whom I don't know and-

Marshall: Then It's none of your business, Is it?

Jeff: It is my business, since I thought you were going out with my daughter.

Marshall: I am.

Jeff: ...But you were kissing someone else.

Marshall: ...No I wasn't.

Jeff: Yes you were.

Marshall: ...Do you spy on me?

Jeff: No, but you were openly kissing him.

Marshall: Still none of your business.

Jeff: ...How far did you go?

Marshall: ...none, of, your, fucking, business.

Felix: *saunters in* ...He gave him a blowjob.

Marshall: FELIX SHUT UP!!

Jeff: ....You...You foul...foul animal...My daughter deserves better.

Marshall: ...Guess what? STILL NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!!!!

Ted: *standing in the doorway* ...Okay bye. 

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