Ask the creeps!

Ask us anything!
Yes I said anything!!!!!!!
And ask anyone ��


1. just to get us started...

Hi my name is Green!

I'm with all the creepypastas...

And before you ask, of course Toby is my boyfriend!!!!!!

Ain't ya Toby?

Toby: Um, Y-yes actually...

Jeff: *hysterical laughter*

Toby: S-shut up Jeff! *tic* At least I have a girlfriend!!!! *tic*

Masky: on a scale of 1-10 how much do you luvvvvv her????

Toby: *tic* eleven?

Jeff: pfffft just ask us some questions already!!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeee these people are killing me!!!!

Ben: *plays ds*

Jeff: *rolls eyes*

Slender: civilisation, children, civilisation.

Green: *sticks out tongue childishly* yeah jeff!

Toby: *laughs*

Jeff: please just give them some questions!!!!! Anything please!!!! Even give them a dare if you want!!!!!! Just HELP ME before I GO TO SLEEP!!!!!

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