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13. Hello again

Green: Okay so, I do have a reason that I've been gone for so long... *Holds up one baby*

Toby: *Walks in behind Green holding two babies* 

E.J: *Jaw drops* You had Triplets?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Toby: *Grins weakly* Yeah.

Ben: Jesus.

Toby: This is Marshall *Holds up the baby with thick dark and fluffy hair* and Ted. *Holds up the smaller baby with sandy blonde hair*

Green: *Holds up the smallest baby also with sandy blonde hair* This is Elliot. 

Jeff: *Raises one eyebrow* Are you guys sure you're going to be able to cope?

Green: Nope but, we still have to do dares, Oh and questions...

Everyone: *Groans*

Green: Okay so Brittany dared me to put duck tape on Smiles paws,

Hoodie: *Giggles*

Green: What?

Hoodie: M-Masky's d-done t-that b-before...

Masky: *Stops eating cheesecake and grins* You mean WE did, Hoodie. You were involved. Remember?

Hoodie: H-he avoids u-us n-now...

Masky: Yeah, I don't think he appreciated it... But i'd happily do it again!

Green: Great, because... *Looks over at Toby who is trying to stop Marshall from crying* I have to um, help Toby...

Toby: *Hands over Marshall*

Masky: *Holds up duck tape* Come here Smile...

Smile: *Runs for the hills*

Masky: Well.

Green: Okay, the next question is for Jeffrey, 

Jeff: I'm listening.

Green: Okay, Paintbrush asks: Would you rather be locked in a room in a room with Ben or E.J?

Jeff: For how long?

Green: A day.

Toby: I think we should test this.


Ben: *Wide eyes*

Green: Because?

Jeff: Because he's weak and couldn't hurt me.

Ben: *Sticks out tongue* Whatever.

Green: Well, that's all we have time for at the moment. 

Toby: O-oh, and if you want to know the babies full names, *Tic* Just ask, we did have one person ask, *Tic* but if you all want to know then we'll tell you... *Grins*


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