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9. Another Interview with Brittany!

Green: Hello Again Brittany! I'm sure Jeff's glad to see you, eh Jeff?
Jeff: YEAH hey brittany!
Ben: Hi!!!!!!!! Have we met before?

B: Hi guys!! And I believe not, but my names brittany and I LOVE video games.

Toby: Like we couldn't *TIC* Tell...
Ben: Then What's your favorite video game?

B: .... I have too many to say, but one of my favorites is gta vice city, played it since I was like three And guess wat Jeff? I have a white hoodie on right now!

 Ben: She has a great choice of games! i've played games since god knows when.

Jeff: It wouldn't happen to be MY hoodie would it?
Green: *Laughs* Is it Jeff's hoodie?

B: I wish. No, it's my dad's. He threw it in my face and told me to wear it because I didn't want to wear anything. It's raining tho, so he made me. And how many game systems do u have Ben, cause I have a Nintendo original, Nintendo 64, ps2, PS3, wii system, and an Xbox..... I'm spoiled And an Atari

Ben: I have all of those! And The PS4...

Jeff: I wish you weren't wearing anything...
Green: *Elbows Jeff* Jeffffffff stop being so sexual... We're supposed to be interviewing her!
Jeff: Fine... Hey Brittany, here... *Hands Brittany his hoodie* B: *blushes and takes hoodie* oh my, u r sure getting frisky *wink* Jeff: *Goes crimson* Shit, sorry...
Toby: Hehehehe *Tic* I want to get Frisky! *Winks at Green* Hmmm Babe?
Green: *Laughs and kisses Toby* CUTIE!

B: Okay different topic! So, wat bands do y'all listen to, I like screamo, so black veil brides, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, falling in reverse. And I just found a song called partners in crime by set it off, this is now mine and Jeff's song, called it first

Green: Nice I like that song!
Toby: Mine and Greens song is iNSaNiTY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Green: Yeasssssssssssssss Thats my fav song babe!
Jeff: I like Greenday!

B: Greenday for life! I love their song boulevard of broken dreams. Honestly, without music, I'd probably not be here.

Green: Omg I know me either!!!!!!!!!!
Toby: It helped me control my schizophrenia... *Tic*
Jeff: Yeah...
Green: Honestly, I'm out of questions already...

B: Okay, bye


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