FAME h.s.

Adeline Frasier decided to move to London to get away from the pressures of high society New York as well as see what her brother has been up too. But little did she know that he was touring with a famous boy band as part of their crew. She meets up with him after the band decided to take a hiatus along with his roommate and two boys from the band.


2. two


Chapter 2



     I was roaming the east London streets trying to clear my head but thoughts of home kept rushing back into my mind. I wasn't exaggerating when i told Carson that my life was horrible after he left. All of mothers attention was on me, every little thing i did wrong or not to her expectations she found a reason for it. She kept on complaining to my father that i wasn't happy enough and that i probably had social anxiety because i didn't like going out to her gatherings. She wouldn't listen to me when i would yell, saying that i was wasn't like her. Since Carson was gone i had mental breakdowns a lot because everything that i would normally tell Carson couldn't be told to anyone else. No one that i knew understood me like my brother or Luke, they were my only true friends in New York. But all my frustrations were bottled up inside i needed to burst, which i did probably once or twice each month. It wasn't long before my mom decided to take me to see some doctors, each one giving me a prescription for different medications. I have 4 bottles of medication in my purse right now.


     I turned the corner and noticed a quaint bookstore that was fixed between a coffee shop and a clothing store, I decided to take a look inside. As soon as i opened the door a cloud of dust puffed by, I could smell the scent of new and old books mixed together. When i opened my eyes there were books everywhere. There were stacks along the windows and on the floor in front of all the bookcases filled with books. No wonder why no one was in here, there was no way a person would be able to find a book. I walked around trying to find any book that looked familiar and finally came across a Shakespeare section. The books were all over the place so i decided to start organizing then alphabetically. 

       I was startled when i felt a hand tap my shoulder, "What do you think you are doing young lady?"

       "Oh I..." i turned around, coming face to face with an old man that had a grey beard and glasses on, "um, i noticed that the books were a mess so decided to organize them"

         He stared me down for a sec, "You better not  be lying to me because the only young folk that come in here are here to steal my books."

       "Oh no sir i would never think about doing that. Actually i'm new in town and wanted to find a good bookstore."

     "I can tell by your accent that you are american," he said matter of factually, "You are probably the first young adult that I've seen in the Shakespeare section." 

     "Yeah, Everyone at my school would call me a nerd but i was just too in love with literature to care. My favorite authors are Jane Austen, Orson Scott card, Henrik Ibsen and of course Shakespeare."

      His eyes softened, "Those are some of my wife's favorite author's"

      "Oh that's awesome! Where is she?!"

      "She past away 5 years ago" His faced dropped for a sec but picked up again, "We use to own this store together. She was the one who kept it nice and neat, I'm not very good at cleaning as you can tell" We both chuckled as he continued, "Actually this is somewhat of a coincidence, I'm looking for someone to hire to help me organize this place. And i guess since you already started, would you like to work here?"

     "Um... I don't know"

     "I'll pay you quite good and you can choose your hours as well as unlimited access to all the books"

     That intrigued me, and plus i needed something to do during the day while Carson is at work. "Actually you know what, i'll take you up on that offer. But i have a question, is lunch included?"

      He let out a big hearty laugh at that one, "actually i can probably bring down some sandwich's for lunch if that is what you would like. I have connections with people at the deli down the street"

     "Okay then i take the job!" i smiled offering my hand to shake which he happily obliged too, "By the way my name is Adeline but everyone calls me Addie"

     "Oh nice to meet you! My name is Mr. Holaway but you can call me Arthur" 

    "Nice to meet you Arthur!" I stayed at the bookstore organizing for three more hours only finishing one huge bookcase. Arthur brought down a sandwich for me and told me stories about him and his wife. Once it was dusk i decided to head back to Carson regretting some of the things I've said to him. Organizing helped me think about everything as well as learn a couple of life lessons from Arthur's stories. I gave him a hug, promising that i would be back tomorrow.


    I walked aimlessly through he streets trying to find anything that looked remotely familiar that would lead me back to Carson's apartment. As it grew darker i started to freak out and was getting skittish. I ended up bumping into someone who was rushing too. "Hey watch it!" he yelled roughly but when he turned around he grabbed me into a hug. I started to giggle because my eyes made it look like it was Harry Styles who just hugged me. I must've been really tired. "We were so worried" when he let go i gasped... It was Harry Styles.

   "Uh... umm.. why are you hugging me? and do i know you?" 

   "Oh yeah i guess i should've explained that before i ran up to hug you. I guess Carson hasn't told you yet?"

  "Told me what?" i was tapping my foot getting really sick of all these secrets.

  "I'll just take you back to the flat and he can explain it to you" he held out his hand for me to take. I hesitated still trying to take in the fact that Harry Styles just gave me a hug and knows who I am...

     Throughout my teenage years i was obsessed, i even had cardboard cutouts of all the boys in my room. I eventually toned it down in college but got reminded of my obsessiveness by Luke and Carson every chance that they got. I still know everything about them and only fangirl in secret now. I follow more fan accounts than people on twitter to keep up with the latest news. 


    I had my hand around Harry's bicep as he led me to a pizza parlor. "Sorry love i just need to pick up a pizza for the boys." 

    "Wait so is all of One Direction in my brothers apartment right now?" I asked trying to act normal when i was actually freaking out inside. I read in a magazine and heard in multiple interviews that they hate when girls squeal and freak out around them. So, right now i am using all my willpower not to flip out.

    He laughed, "It's flat" i blankly looked at him, not getting what he was saying, "You said Apartment but in London we call it flat. If you plan on staying in London we have to catch you up on British lingo. And no, only me and Niall are in London currently." He opened the door to the pizza parlor for me, "Louis and Liam decided to head home for a couple weeks."

     I watched him as he strolled up to the worker, exuding confidence and cockiness. Everyone in the parlor turned their heads his way even before they found out who he was. No wonder why he was so popular with the ladies, he was so captivating. And with his reputation of a playboy, the idea of being able to make him date you, picking you out of all the girls in the world is exhilarating. But it probably hurts like hell when he dumps you, knowing that you're not good enough for someone that perfect. And for that exact reason, I decided that i do not want to be one of the girls he rejects. But it would be fun just to be associated with him. Ever since i first found out the name One Direction, I've wanted to become friends with them, with the exception of Niall Horan, my first major celebrity crush.

    "Are you ready to go?" I looked up at Harry holding four boxes of pizza.

    "Is that seriously for just the four of you?" I laughed

    "Yes Addie, each man gets a box" I loved the way he said my name in his husky voice it just really made me rethink what i just told myself.

    "But what about me, where is my box?" 

    "As I just said, every man gets a box. And the last time i checked, you were a lady"

    I hit him playfully on the shoulder, "What makes a man better that a lady?"

    He pretended that i wounded his arm, "I never said anything about a man being better, if anything a lady is god's gift to man, to improve our lives and to keep us in check." I paused for a sec, taken aback.

    "I guess i'm just gonna have to eat some of your pizza then." We both smiled at each other and made our way to Carson's flat.

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