Secrets||A Zarry Fanfiction

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are both members in the boy band One Direction who have a fling going on but try to keep it a secret from the boys. It starts to get a little obvious and the boys as well as the fans start to figure it out.


4. Party

**1 month later**

Harry's POV 

Zayn and I were going to a party tonight at Luke's (his parties involve drugs). We decided to loosen up a bit and have some fun because it isn't always fun being such a buzzkill. "Zaynn!!!" I yelled. "Yeah sexy?" He said. Fuck me! I thought. "Gladly" Zayn said. "Did I say that out loud?" I asked, my cheeks turning crimson. "Yes, but you should say it more often and your dream might just come true." Zayn said with that attractive ass half-smirk. I slammed him against the wall, leaned in and kissed him passionately yet roughly at the same time. Y'know instead of that party..." Zayn trailed off. "No we're going get to that a party and getting drunk because that is how we have fun, right?!" I said enthusiastically even though I know that the last time I got drunk something happened to me. "Okay" he sighed. We showed up to the party late but we were fashionably late so it didn't really matter to us.. "Hey guys!" Luke says joyfully as we enter the kitchen. There are people dancing, more like grinding, on each other. People drinking alcohol and the smell of weed surrounds us in Luke's house. "Hey Luke!" Me and Zayn said at the same time. We got a few drinks and after that we ruled the dance floor. I felt someone walk behind me and wrap their arms around my waist but it wasn't Zayn. I tried to pull away but they turned me around and pinned me on the wall and I was surprised to see who it was...


Cliffhanger.. See ya later bad bitches.. Stay bad:* (I kinda stole that from twaimz but it's okay I guess...)

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