Secrets||A Zarry Fanfiction

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are both members in the boy band One Direction who have a fling going on but try to keep it a secret from the boys. It starts to get a little obvious and the boys as well as the fans start to figure it out.


6. hungover

Harry's POV

I woke up in a soft bed with a pair of arms wrapped around me. I tried to sit up but whoever it was, had a strong grip on me. I looked around in panic, realising that this isn't my room. I turned to the side and let out a breath ,that I didn't even know I was holding, as I saw Zayn's beautiful, beautiful face. My head hurt a lot. Trying to get the thought of the huge migraine I had at the moment, I focused on Zayn again. He was moaning my name in his sleep and I woke him up. "Yes H- What did I tell you to call me?" I interrupted him mid sentence. "You're getting punished later." I say with a smirk. "Punishment?" Zayn asks confused. "Yes baby, a punishment." I responded. "Zaynie?" I said. "Mmmhhhmmmmm?" he responded. "You were... Um...... Kind.... Of... Having a wet dream and got dick juice (sperm) on me....." I said awkwardly. "Oops ..?" Zayn said looking at me with innocence written on his face. "Don't act innocent. God knows you're a very bad boy," I said messing with him;pointing my finger at him.







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