Secrets||A Zarry Fanfiction

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are both members in the boy band One Direction who have a fling going on but try to keep it a secret from the boys. It starts to get a little obvious and the boys as well as the fans start to figure it out.


3. Call me daddy

Zayn's POV (surprise bitches!)

"You know Zayn, you make me feel crazy." Harry said. I pecked him on his lips repeatedly. "Does this make you feel crazy?" I asked. "Yes." Then we had a full on make out session. Harry put his body in between my legs as he trailed kisses down my neck and stopped at collarbone and started to suck on the skin. I let out a loud moan. "Harry" I moaned loudly. "Call me daddy" He said. "H-d-daddy"


😏 . Sorry for the short chapter I'm having serious writer's block right now and it sucks.

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