Superquack 2

Superquack and Morgan are back for another great adventure! Just as things are quieting down from the attack in Quackville, a new threat emerges to declare war on the world. After a fight, the dynamic duo draws him out, only to learn that the true threat lies within. Now they must team up with Macroburst and his wife, Sarah, to get to the bottom of it. But the Wicked Tutu is not alone: he has an army that does his evil bidding. In fact, all four of them have fallen into a trap. And on top of it all, there could be a traitor in their midst. But who?


4. The Supers Arrive

As the Supers climbed out of the ship, a large virus bot fired a laser blast from one of its triple turrets and blew up their gunship. Spark saw the explosion and desperately called, "Come on!"

Passing Morgan, the Supers rushed at the clocks for a sudden counterattack. Although several clocks went down, the Supers seemed to be losing.  

The clocks chased after Spark, who ran instinctively. Finally, they stopped and cocked their guns instead. He deflected several of the blasts with his staff and hurled them back at the cuckoo clocks, taking down two in the process. However, one blast hit him in the stomach, stunning him and causing him to lose grip of his staff. Spark was then riddled by a subsequent barrage of blasts and fell to the ground, dead.

Distracted by the loss, Reyn was not even able to whirl around before the clocks shot him in the back. Even as his body crumpled to the floor, the clocks continued to hammer at him with more laser blasts.

Attempting to flee, Zackene climbed aboard her fighter and flew away. Pursued by cuckoo clock interceptors, Zackene's craft was struck by a volley of laser fire as her enemies opened fire on their target. Her starboard wing in flames, the craft's engines exploded. Her crippled starfighter promptly went into a spin, clipping a balcony jutting up from the upstairs corridor below and breaking apart.

However, she jumped onto a speeder bike using her fighter's eject button to escape. She kicked the bike into motion and attempted to flee the base. The cuckoo clocks already on speeders pursued and opened fire. As her speeder bike was hit by the blasterfire, Zackene was killed instantly, and her corpse was thrown into an explosion by her disabled speeder bike.

Just as things were looking bleak, Anakin and Jay Organa arrived on the scene! The cuckoo clocks quickly opened fire, but with even quicker speed and stamina Anakin and Jay deflected the blasts and sent several hurling back at the clocks, destroying them. After knocking aside two laser blasts, Anakin performed saber throw and incapitated another clock. Force-grabbing his saber, he directed a bolt at one of the cuckoo clocks.

Meanwhile, Jay began a rampage, slashing clocks left and right. After cutting down the last one, he reported to Anakin.

Just then, Morgan walked up to them. "Great job, guys."

"Thanks!" both of them said together.

Morgan turned her head, and--"There she is!"

And ahead of her, Sarah was lying in a heap, groaning. The bone-jarring impact had knocked her cold. Morgan knew she would have recovered by now, though. No. Sarah's no superhero. She rushed over quickly and slung her on her shoulders. "Don't worry..." Morgan turned her head toward the woman she was carrying. "I've got you."

"Thanks..." Sarah moaned.

Meanwhile, Superquack woke up and tried to stand. Around him, broken cuckoo clocks littered the floor, and the Wicked Tutu was nowhere in sight. What happened?

However, his legs wouldn't budge. "Huh?" Something was pinning down his legs. He looked behind him. A balcony, to be exact.

Pulling away from the balcony, Superquack righted himself. Morgan was standing in front of him. "Where's the Wicked Tutu?" he asked.

"Dead," Morgan replied flatly. Grunting, she dropped Sarah, who weighed almost as much as she did. "A little help here?"

"Sure," said Superquack. He walked over and slung Sarah over his shoulders instead. But something felt wrong. His strength was wavering. Lifting 125 pounds over both shoulders used to a cinch. This time, he wasn't sure.

He turned and started walking with Morgan.

"I think my powers have been clouded by darkness," Morgan said, rubbing her shoulders.

What? The dark side can do a lot, but...this is bad. But still-- "Well, now he's dead," Superquack replied. "Give it a try."

Morgan extended her hand, but no beam projected from it. "There must be someone else," she said. "I saw a dark figure shoot him."

"Who?" Superquack replied.

Morgan shrugged. "No idea."

"In that case," Superquack replied, "we should be extra careful."

Morgan turned her head, and her face looked surprisingly solemn. "Totally."

As they walked by, Superquack heard Jay and Anakin congratulate each other. Just then, they arrived to see the only two Supers who had survived the assault. Macroburst and Strattogale. Shaking his head, Superquack got into the Quack-mobile with Morgan.

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