Superquack 2

Superquack and Morgan are back for another great adventure! Just as things are quieting down from the attack in Quackville, a new threat emerges to declare war on the world. After a fight, the dynamic duo draws him out, only to learn that the true threat lies within. Now they must team up with Macroburst and his wife, Sarah, to get to the bottom of it. But the Wicked Tutu is not alone: he has an army that does his evil bidding. In fact, all four of them have fallen into a trap. And on top of it all, there could be a traitor in their midst. But who?


10. The Duel Begins

When the cuckoo clocks did not kill them at once, Superquack's mind began working rapidly. By the time the clocks led him and Macroburst into a large conference room, he was calm and ready. As they entered, they saw Sarah sitting at a large table. A tall cuckoo clock wearing a cloak--Is that the master? he wondered--stood beside her. There were cuckoo clocks everywhere, even though they had lost their weapons before the capture. They certainly aren't taking any chances.

Before anyone else could speak, Superquack stepped forward. "You are holding Morgan captive. I request you turn her over to us."

Sarah studied him with annoyance. "Seriously? She has blown my cover and will be killed."

"You can't do that!" Macroburst said, outraged. "She's a superhero! The world needs her!"

"We don't recognize the Supers here," said the cuckoo clock commander.

Sarah eyed him for a moment before turning back to the prisoners. "If you two were to join me, I could easily hear your plea."

Join her? Macroburst frowned. We're on the same side. Aren't we?

"And if we don't," Superquack replied, "will you kill us?"

"I don't want to force you to join us against your will," Sarah replied. "But there are consequences." She cleared her throat. "All right. The real reason is power. Once everyone fears us, Macroburst and I can rule the world! Superquack, if you comply, you and Morgan will be my representatives."

Macroburst recoiled in his seat. "I don't believe what I'm hearing. Superquack, you were right! Sarah, you are the villain!" As he spoke, his gaze did not leave his wife.

"I can't believe you're denying my request to rule the world," said Sarah. "Macroburst, you're wasting a fortune!"

Macroburst looked back at Sarah and said clearly, "I will not forsake all I have fought for and betray the Supers."

Sarah sighed. "Are you going to kill me?"

"I would very much like to," Superquack replied harshly.

Sarah raised her arms and extended her gloved fingers toward Macroburst. On that note, Superquack sneaked away. And then Sarah fired a stream of lightning. Macroburst took the hit and slammed into the wall.

Sarah stepped forward. "I have waited a long time for this to happen...Mr. Goody Two-Shoes?" She cackled maliciously; just then, Macroburst leaped to his feet and faced her.

Taking her cape off, Sarah prepared to strike again. "You had your chance."

And then, a glancing blow knocked her away and into the chair she had just risen from. She looked up to see it had come from Superquack, who had just barely freed Morgan. She was standing right behind him.

Superquack prepared to charge again, but then Sarah lifted her hand and curled her fingers into a fist. Superquack felt himself choking, unable to breathe. Feathers began to tear free from his skin. The world darkened, and he felt himself falling.

At the same moment, Macroburst and Morgan circled Sarah. As Macroburst began to plot a tactic to win, Morgan screamed, "You piece of crap! You'll pay for this!" Her anger getting the best of her, Morgan charged at Sarah. Sarah released a barrage of lightning and blasted Morgan aside. She slammed into the far side of the wall and lost consciousness. Meanwhile, Sarah turned to Macroburst.

Macroburst stepped back and drew his sword. Sarah ignited her own sword and charged, quickly driving Macroburst back. Before Macroburst knew it, he was fighting for his life. It took all his strength to avoid being hit as Sarah drove him to the door and into a tunnel.

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