Superquack 2

Superquack and Morgan are back for another great adventure! Just as things are quieting down from the attack in Quackville, a new threat emerges to declare war on the world. After a fight, the dynamic duo draws him out, only to learn that the true threat lies within. Now they must team up with Macroburst and his wife, Sarah, to get to the bottom of it. But the Wicked Tutu is not alone: he has an army that does his evil bidding. In fact, all four of them have fallen into a trap. And on top of it all, there could be a traitor in their midst. But who?


9. Superquack's Mission

Macroburst was still awake when the alarm went off. He reached for his sword, but then the alarm stopped. A false signal? Swiftly, he headed downstairs. And there was-- "Superquack!" He had let himself in, and that's what set off the alarm.

"Hello, Macroburst," said Superquack.

"Hi," said Macroburst, though it was hard to shake off his relief. "What brings you here?"

"I'm looking for Sarah," Superquack went on. "Do you know where she is?"

He couldn't look at Superquack's tired, worried face and lie to him. "She has to--no, she gets to go to Girls' Game Night."

"I need your help," Superquack replied. "Sarah's in grave danger."

"From the Wicked Tutu?" If his ghost was haunting Sarah, no wonder she was in danger!

But Superquack was shaking his head sadly. "From herself. Macroburst, Sarah is the villainess we've been looking for."

"You're wrong!" Macroburst shouted, and kicked Superquack so hard that he fell to the floor. "How could you even say that?"

Superquack quickly got to his feet. "Because it's true. Morgan tracked her to the candy store." He turned to the window and continued. "She led an army to massacre everyone there, steal the candy, and burn it. Now Morgan is captured too. The Wicked Tutu works for her. She is the one." Turning, he added, "She is also more powerful than she seems to be."

"I don't believe you!" Macroburst burst out. "I can't..."

The tired, sad voice stopped, replaced by a stern finalty. "You must help me."

But if she's--if you suspect she's the villain under the cloak-- "You're going to kill my wife, aren't you?" he said, half-accusingly, half begging him to deny it.

Superquack did not deny it. He turned and said softly, "She has become a very grave threat. A murderer. She also took the statue of Liberty."

Overcome with horror, Macroburst sunk onto the nearest chair. "I...I can't..."

Superquack remained standing. "We have no choice," he said firmly. "You must help me unravel the mystery of the cuckoo clocks."

Getting to his feet, Macroburst made a split-second decision. "No, I'll come. To find the truth."

Superquack nodded. "We haven't much time."


The prison cell Morgan was locked in was not particularly uncomfortable; it was just that the immobi rays that suspended her denied her any movement. There was a crackle, and a sharp, tingly pain shot through her wrist. Oh, and the electric restraints are definitely unpleasant.

The door of the cell opened, and then Sarah stepped inside. If she could have moved, Morgan would have stiffened.

"Hello, my friend," said Sarah. "I need your help, Morgan. The cuckoo clocks have gone too far this time. This is madness."

"I thought you were their mistress," Morgan said coldly, trying not to blink.

"This has nothing to do with me," Sarah replied with mock-sincerity. "If we can cope well, I will gladly let you go."

Morgan thought back to her mission. "Well, I hope it doesn't take long. I have work to do."

"May I ask why a superhero is snooping around here?" Sarah continued sternly.

"I've been tracking you," Morgan replied, practically biting off the words.

Sarah frowned. "I was unaware of such evil."

"I saw your most recent onslaught," Morgan accused. "You were at the candy store this morning, killing more than just the men."

"You must have seen my twin," Sarah replied, watching Morgan narrowly.

Despite herself, Morgan stiffened. "I'm not as stupid as you think. I am playful, but experienced."

"I have a master too," Sarah said. Her voice was calm, but unsteady. "The cuckoo clock army is his doing."

Morgan gritted her teeth. "Now you're changing your story."

"The cuckoo clocks were made from a factory engineered by a grand master," Sarah went on. "They're producing 100 a day!"

"Who is this 'grand master?'" Morgan asked, though she didn't think Sarah would talk.

Sarah turned away. "I cannot say." She turned back toward her, and her expression hardened. "Morgan, you can destroy my Master. Together, we can take control. We can end all the cuckoo clock mayhem. We can do great things. All I ask s for your cooperation." Sarah leaned forward, almost touching the rays. "This is the answer to eternal peace."

Morgan bared her teeth. Sarah's claim about having an unidentified boss was deeply disturbing--but the fact remained that Sarah had mass-murdered customers, killed the Wicked Tutu, and tried to kill her. I am a Super. I will not give in. "I will never join you."

Sarah took a moment to study her, then shook her head. "Fine." As she turned to leave, she casually said, "It may be difficult to set you free." Then she was gone.

The message was clear: Join me, or you stay locked up. Hung up in a force field with electric restraints, with no way to finish her task or tell Superquack she had failed--Morgan shook her head, but the energy restraints kept it from moving. Maybe she should pretend to join Sarah, then when she released her she'd--no, she told herself. Sarah would see through that in an instant.

Morgan stared at the closed door, feeling very much alone.


The Quack-mobile streaked through the forest. Superquack felt unsure as he piloted the mobile, which could now hover above ground, to the base Sarah had led them to in disguise. It worried him--he was afraid they had already killed Morgan, afraid Macroburst would let Sarah kill him, afraid Morgan wouldn't be grateful for his help.

Superquack pushed his thoughts aside and fully focused on the road ahead. Fear is only holding me back. And then the base came into view. Superquack began to look for an opening.

Spotting one, he pointed. "See those steam vents?" he asked Macroburst. When he got no reply, he swooped inside. "You see the blast door up ahead? That'll do." He landed at the end of the bridge adjoining the door. Beside him, Macroburst looked depressed. "It'll be OK."

A moment later, Macroburst turned around in his chair and rushed out, followed closely by Superquack. Superquack pulled the door open from the underside, but even that took effort. He did it in the end, and they rushed under.

The tall corridors seemed empty, but Macroburst felt uncomfortable. "Where the heck are we?"

"Beats me," Superquack replied. Suddenly, he stopped. "Wait, do you hear something?"

Macroburst turned and drew the sword Sarah had given him as a gift. Just then, a cuckoo clock rushed in, its gun loaded. He cut it down, but more were coming. Superquack punched one and elbowed another against the wall. After ramming a third clock into the ceiling, and realizing they were outnumbered, he rushed in through the following doorway.

After cutting down several more clocks, Macroburst followed. They found themselves on a narrow walkway above some giant factory, full of half-finished cuckoo clocks and conveyor belts and hardly animate machinery.

"This is where they make all the cuckoo clocks!" said Superquack.

The door slid shut behind them, and the walkway began to retract. A bullet whizzed past Superquack, forcing him to duck. But in doing so, he lost his balance and fell off the narrow walkway. He landed on one of the conveyor belts, which happened to be in motion.

Macroburst leaped after him. His sword subsequently felled two clocks who lunged at him. Then he started toward Superquack, but was cut off by another horde of cuckoo clocks. After cutting them down, he leaped off the belt and onto another one. He cut down one of the machines, then dodged another...and then a third knocked him onto a molding device. Slowly, it pulled him toward an enormous cutter. He struggled, but to no avail.

And then it came into view. Finally, he wedged his hand out, but not in time to stop the cutter from smashing his sword.

And then one of the clocks was on him. Macroburst threw in the first punch, but the clock ran him across the face and slammed him into a huge empty vat. Part of a line of vats on a conveyor belt, the vat was headed to be filled with molten lava!

Meanwhile, Superquack took out another clock with his foot. Just as he threw a clock off the conveyor belt, he saw Macroburst's fatal dilemma.

Leaping off the conveyor belt, Superquack rushed across another ledge before leaping onto a ramp adjoining the vats. Macroburst's was next. As he leaped onto the vat, he heard an urge to hurry. He pushed aside one of the two struts holding up the vat, and it fell away from the belt. The molten iron pummeled the ground dozens of feet below.

Superquack leaped after Macroburst, who had tumbled onto a walkway. A moment later, they were surrounded by cuckoo clocks with guns and swords. Sarah dropped from the ceiling and pointed her sword.

"Don't move, Mister!" she said.

So much for rescuing Morgan, Superquack thought. I couldn't stop the clocks upstairs either, and now I've inadvertently led Macroburst right into a trap. I've failed at everything.

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