Superquack 2

Superquack and Morgan are back for another great adventure! Just as things are quieting down from the attack in Quackville, a new threat emerges to declare war on the world. After a fight, the dynamic duo draws him out, only to learn that the true threat lies within. Now they must team up with Macroburst and his wife, Sarah, to get to the bottom of it. But the Wicked Tutu is not alone: he has an army that does his evil bidding. In fact, all four of them have fallen into a trap. And on top of it all, there could be a traitor in their midst. But who?


13. Sarah's Tale

Back in the hangar, the duel between Jay and Snappa continued. Eventually Jay, straining to keep up, was pulled into a bladelock. Jay quickly pushed Snappa's blade aside, and suddenly jabbed at Snappa's arm, cutting it across the side. As Snappa fell back in pain, the ninja stayed on him, slashing the humanoid across the leg and bringing him down.

Jay detracted his lightsaber. "I am turning you to the police."

Despite his wisely shown restraint against Jay, Snappa, fatigued by the battle, and outmatched by Jay's skills, was defeated.


Meanwhile, Anakin and Stick Boy rushed into an elevator leading to the top floor of the fortress, which was 90 floors up. The elevator moved surprisingly fast; Anakin struggled to keep his balance.

And then the doors opened onto the top floor. He and Stick Boy rushed inside the control room. Anakin saw that two of the control panels had been destroyed. Sarah and Morgan have been here. Stick Boy followed as he rushed through an open portal and onto the bridge outside. Then they rushed onto the leaping pads. The two gaps that once held two of them were proof enough Morgan and Sarah had broken away. A bit uncertain, Anakin cut through the struts holding up his and the wind blew him and Stick Boy away from the base. Yes, they have definitely been here.

And then he saw Sarah ahead. Behind him, Stick Boy called, "He's using you, Sarah!"

Sarah turned. "What?"

Morgan turned. "Sarah doesn't want to fight. She turned away."

Anakin nodded, then Force-pushed all four pads back to the base. He had to climb to the bottom to return his own. They all landed on the bridge.

Anakin righted himself. "Sarah, you're in danger."

"Why?" Sarah asked, getting to her feet.

"You've been brainwashed," said Anakin. "Jamboga will give you no reward. Once you two have control, he'll kill you."

"How do you know this?" Sarah asked.

"I have seen a security hologram of Jamboga revealing it," Anakin replied, worried that Stick Boy's word would not convince her.

"He made one?" Sarah digested this. Finally, she spoke. "If he desires a new ally, would he let me go?"

Anakin looked grim. "No way."

"The real reason I joined the cuckoo clock armanda is because I was--I wasn't treated well at home," Sarah replied. "That's also why power is my ultimate goal."

Anakin looked shocked. "By Macroburst?!"

"No, when I was a kid," Sarah replied. "By my parents."

"You can tell me," said Anakin. "What happened?" Beside him, Morgan and Stick Boy did not utter a word.

"They beat me for no reason--and hard," Sarah explained. "All I got to eat was their food that expired. On my birthday, they gave me a cooked, fresh potato instead of a cake. I usually unwrapped..." She took a breath. "A hanger or dog toy. They made me sleep in the wardrobe! At school they always lied about my progress during IEP meetings, and would always ensure my homework was done, but not turned in. They even created a human replica that started a gang. They turned many students against me. At the time, fleeing them was the only thing I felt I was good at.

And then it happened. My dad was about to beat me when my body charged with lightning and I accidentally electrocuted him. I discovered I had more and more abilities...and then they took me to the assylum! I spent the rest of my childhood there, but they let me out when I was 18 years old. They tested me to see if I had a change of heart. I passed their tests and went to Superhero College. I met Macroburst there. We dated a few times, and eventually we got married. But I--I still--" She frowned and hung her head miserably. "The pain still stings...deep inside. There is only one thing that can control it, and--that's power."

Morgan listened in stunned silence. Finally, she spoke up. "Hey, Sarah?"

"Then I met Jamboga. In return for joining him, he promised he would help me avenge my parents. I pledged myself to his ways. He only asked one thing: to go to and mass-murder the rangers. I did. Since I won, I told him via hologram that it was time to arrest my parents. He told me off, pointing out that this would be far beyond a challenge. I went back to their house, and they didn't even recognize me. Turns out, arresting them was like making them eat a nibble off a lime. I killed them both. They're dead now." Tears began to fill her eyes. "But it's too late now. I want to be a hero...but there's no turning back for me now."

"You are, Sarah," Morgan pointed out. "Before I blew your cover, you were one of the nicest people I'd ever met. Your disguise can be your only identity! It's that simple."

"You're right," Sarah replied. "That is a very good point. I can repent. You're right."

"And your parents aren't even alive," Morgan added. "You're healed and treated well. Just forget about it. Don't let it ruin your life."

A tear rolled down Sarah's cheek. "I will, Morgan. Thank you." Her knees buckled, and she fell into Morgan's arms, hugging her tight.

Finally, Sarah disengaged. Her head snapped up, and she gasped. "All the cuckoo clocks must be shut down!" Sarah rushed off.


At that very moment, the cuckoo clock commander prepared to resume the duel with Strattogale, advancing on his opponent. Strattogale backed away, cocking her sword.

And then, the cuckoo clock commander suddenly froze and dropped his swords. They hit the ground and deactivated upon contact. Strattogale looked down. Huh? Wait--he must have shut down! Did the Supers find the control room? She listened closely, and heard no gunfire in the adjoining room. She grinned and put her hands in the air. "All right!" she shouted gaily.

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