Superquack 2

Superquack and Morgan are back for another great adventure! Just as things are quieting down from the attack in Quackville, a new threat emerges to declare war on the world. After a fight, the dynamic duo draws him out, only to learn that the true threat lies within. Now they must team up with Macroburst and his wife, Sarah, to get to the bottom of it. But the Wicked Tutu is not alone: he has an army that does his evil bidding. In fact, all four of them have fallen into a trap. And on top of it all, there could be a traitor in their midst. But who?


12. Morgan's Clash

Meanwhile, Sarah's and Macroburst's duel progressed back into the control room, where Macroburst attempted to rally. He remained toe-to-toe with Sarah as they engaged in a swift flurry of swordplay. The bout ended with the two engaged in a blade-lock, which Sarah broke with a telekinetic blast, slamming Macroburst into the ceiling.

Sarah cackled. "Down you go, you brat!"

"What have you done?"

Sarah turned angrily to see Morgan had entered the room. Having returned to consciousness from the lightning, Morgan drew her sword.

Without a word, Sarah attempted to blast Morgan with lightning. Morgan grounded the blast with her sword. "You can play that trick again," she said smugly, and angled her blade.

Sarah drew her sword in turn. "You will not stop me. My army is invincible!"

"Overconfidence is overrated in my book," Morgan replied, and raised her sword. "If you haven't noticed, a squad of Supers is here destroying your precious cuckoo clocks!"

"What?!" Sarah screamed, and raised her sword.

Grinning, Morgan leaped into the air and landed behind Sarah. Morgan hammered at Sarah, but Sarah easily deflected the attack.

Meanwhile, Anakin continued his clash with Stick Boy. After his primary attack failed, he attempted to use an overhand power attack to overwhelm Stick Boy, but the villain blocked the attack, maintaining a one-handed grip on his weapon. Anakin's attack resulted in a blade-lock which Stick Boy broke by casually throwing Anakin to the floor, but Anakin quickly recovered and engaged in an aggressive series of attacks and managed to drive Stick Boy back, surprising the stick figure. Eventually, Stick Boy whirled around and slashed a pole. However, this caused him to lose his balance, as he did not have the stamina to right himself.

Bringing his blade to Stick Boy's throat, Anakin taunted him. "You are beaten...just as Sarah will be! Don't force me to destroy you." In response, Stick Boy defiantly drove Anakin's blade aside and regained his feet before attacking again. Anakin parried Stick Boy's every strike. Then their blades locked. Anakin kept the contact and realized Stick Boy looked fatigued.

Then he broke the contact and jumped backward, landing in a duty post encircled by two large control consoles. Without thinking, Anakin swung his weapon hard. Stick Boy evaded the blow and leaped high toward the ceiling, executing a reverse flip that delivered him to a catwalk that stretched across the room. Landing on his feet, Stick Boy looked down from the catwalk. "Congratulations, Anakin. Your swordsmanship is inspiring..." He sat down and shut his eyes tight. "I surrender. If I just--"

What is he doing? Anakin wondered. And then Stick Boy began to cry. Anakin walked up behind him. "What's wrong?"

"I never had any friends. I'm a stick figure, for crying out loud! Of course I went to a school with normal humans. Why...everyone tormented me..." As he sat down, the angry mask crumbled away, replaced by sobs. "I was so angry...Jamboga managed to turn me to the dark side."

Without thinking, Anakin stepped forward and put a hand on his shoulder. "It's never too late to heal." He could feel Stick Boy was still shaking, clearly battling an inner conflict.

"Good point. Good point!" Stick Boy got to his feet and looked down at Anakin.

"Stick Boy? Who's Jamboga?" Anakin asked.

"Sarah's secret master," he replied.

"Secret master?"

"He's using her."


As the other Supers clashed with the clocks, the duel between Morgan and Sarah progressed back into the control room. There, Morgan continued flipping around Sarah in an attempt to confuse her. Attempting to rally, she hit the ground and remained toe-to-toe with Sarah as they engaged in a swift flurry of swordplay. Both of them matched each other blow-for-blow. Morgan knew she needed to find a weakness to gain the upper hand. The bout ended with the two engaged in a blade-lock, which Sarah attempted to break with a telekinetic blast. Morgan flung out her hand, performing one of her own. "Huh?" I thought my powers were clouded! With newfound determination, Morgan began a vicious power-struggle.

Eventually the air-pocket compressed by the combined blasts ruptured and exploded, flinging both duelists against opposite walls. Sarah recovered first, leaping across the control room and renewing her attack. Morgan narrowly managed to evade the attack and direct one of her blows into the door controls behind her, kicking Sarah back to give herself a moment to regain her composure as she retreated through the open portal. Sarah came on again, driving Morgan out onto the exterior balcony, loosing a flurry of attacks before kicking the superhero hard in the face. 

As Morgan gave ground, Sarah rushed at her, hoping to provide the death blow. However, Morgan flipped backward and onto a plastic stepping stone, and the first of a series. She cut the restraint, causing the peg to drift away. Attempting to cheat, Sarah drew a blaster and fired. However, Morgan reacted quickly and deflected the blast back at Sarah. The bullet came off her sword and plowed into a pole.  Leaping off the balcony and onto another stepping stone, Sarah cut the restraint and directed it toward Morgan's platform. Once in close enough range to swing her sword, Sarah resumed her attack.

Slashing at Sarah, Morgan began another bout of bladework with the villainess before their blades locked. Suddenly, Sarah broke the contact and turned away.

"Sarah, why do you turn away?" Morgan asked, half-surprised, halfway attempting to goad her back into action. "Are you not the enemy?"

"It's a long story," Sarah replied. "But I--I don't want to fight."


At the same time, Stick Boy took Anakin's hand and led him into the central control room. This one was filled with holograms. Stick Boy set the beacon on one of them and said, "Anakin, I found an unintentional recording of their relationship. He pushed the switch that replayed the recordings. Two police looked on fearfully. And then a sword flashed onto the screen, held by Sarah's slim figure, cutting down police after police.

Anakin leaned forward, and Stick Boy pushed another button. The hologram transitioned to a full view of a massive spaceship taking up the Statue of Liberty. Another switch, and the hologram honed in on another figure, hidden behind a hood. Sarah knelt before it.

"It has been done, Jamboga," said Sarah.

"Good," Jamboga replied. "Together, we will rule the world." On that line, Stick Boy commented "not" as the villain continued, "Do you feel your power growing?"

"Yes," Sarah replied.

"Rise. Sarah, your skills cannot be equaled," said the cloaked figure. "Go, and set up the brownie trap."

"Very good, sir," Sarah replied.

Stick Boy turned off the scene, his face a mask of irritation. "He brainwashed her. Really, he's just lazy. Once they have control, or when he desires a new ally, he will destroy her!"

"Then we must destroy him!" Anakin said.

"By the way," Stick Boy added, "Sarah's past wasn't so hot either."

"What do you mean?" Anakin replied.

"Sit down, and I will tell you what I know," he replied.

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