Superquack 2

Superquack and Morgan are back for another great adventure! Just as things are quieting down from the attack in Quackville, a new threat emerges to declare war on the world. After a fight, the dynamic duo draws him out, only to learn that the true threat lies within. Now they must team up with Macroburst and his wife, Sarah, to get to the bottom of it. But the Wicked Tutu is not alone: he has an army that does his evil bidding. In fact, all four of them have fallen into a trap. And on top of it all, there could be a traitor in their midst. But who?


19. It All Ends

Later, at Macroburst's house, Sarah told the Supers everything.

My parents were furious with me, even when I was minding my own business," Sarah explained. "It is clear that they hate children immensely. And they swore they would never have a child again...I was even an only child."

"Gosh, that's terrible," Morgan commented.

"Sarah, can you tell us all the ways you manipulated us?" Superquack asked.

"Why?" Sarah asked.

"I know! We can use them on our future enemies!" Morgan blurted out.

Morgan's right. "So, where do I begin?" Sarah began to think... "Oh, yeah. Because I was with the Wicked Tutu, who was Mr. Baby Tutu's cousin, I knew the Dinobot's damage could not be stopped. I hid the door from Macroburst to do this. I told you you should stay casual so I could prepare an ambush and you would be unprepared."

"Why did you say it was tacky?" Macroburst wanted to know.

Sarah turned. "I don't know." Facing the front again, she continued. "And with the Wicked Tutu...I pretended I was knocked out during our rigged clash because I didn't want you to know I had superhuman durability, an obvious sign of superpowers. I let the cuckoo clocks take me so I could change into my cloak and attack you directly. After the battle, I got us a Wii to fry your minds."

Morgan looked confused. "What?"

Sarah grinned. "Only kidding!" Her expression lowered again into a blank look. "Then you blew my cover, and there was little escape!"

Morgan looked over to see Superquack writing. What is he doing?

And then, Superquack held up a clipboard. "Got some notes!"

Morgan smiled. "I'm glad you joined the light side. And i must say, you are very clever."


The next day, trumpets sounded over the Town Hall. In the expansive room at the center of the building, hundreds of townspeople stood at attention and faced a long aisle. The aisle extended to the far end of the chamber and ended at steps that led up to an elevated level, upon which stood the Mayor of Quackville and his female assistant.

Sarah, Morgan, Macroburst, and Superquack entered the chamber. Morgan wore a collared shirt with a blue skirt attached. Macroburst wore a navy blue tuxedo. Superquack wore his original clothes, which were now cleaned. Sarah wore a white gown that went down to her toes, and a silver necklace and bracelet.

Morgan followed them up the aisle, passing the silent townspeople as they matched silently up to the Mayor. When the quartet arrived at the steps, the Mayor smiled at them. When Strattogale arrived in her sweeping pink dress, his smile grew.

The Mayor's assistant had a series of golden medals to her boss. Sarah bowed as the Mayor placed the medallion on her neck. As she rose, the Mayor winked at her.

Morgan glanced over to Strattogale, who had just arrived with Anakin Organa. Morgan nodded to acknowledge them, then turned her attention back to the ceremony. She lowered her head, then the Mayor placed a medallion around her neck too. The Mayor then did the same for Superquack, Macroburst, Strattogale, and Anakin. Then both of them bowed to the Mayor.

Morgan turned to face the assembled townspeople, and the Town Hall was suddenly filled with cheering and applause. Morgan surveyed the crowd and cheered.

Even though friends had been lost, the C.C.A. was eliminated, Sarah had turned to the light side, and peace was restored. For that, the Supers found reason to celebrate. And they did.

After the ceremony, Robo received his head at last, which Morgan had recovered from the sidewalk. And Macroburst had a sidekick now as well--Sarah. Both knew they would be a great team.

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