Superquack 2

Superquack and Morgan are back for another great adventure! Just as things are quieting down from the attack in Quackville, a new threat emerges to declare war on the world. After a fight, the dynamic duo draws him out, only to learn that the true threat lies within. Now they must team up with Macroburst and his wife, Sarah, to get to the bottom of it. But the Wicked Tutu is not alone: he has an army that does his evil bidding. In fact, all four of them have fallen into a trap. And on top of it all, there could be a traitor in their midst. But who?


16. Battle Of The Villains

Both opponents looked each other in the eye.

Jamboga looked up and focused his powers on a wall fixture at the hangar side. Then he attempted to kill Sarah by telekinetically hurling them at her. When the former villainess blocked, Jamboga fired another one. However, Sarah caught it and hurled it back at him. Jamboga leaped away from the following explosion, but landed roughly on his head.

"Your rule is at an end," Sarah declared. "Freedom will prevail!"

"No," Jamboga replied, getting to his feet. "You will die!" As he spoke, he unleashed a barrage of lightning at Sarah. The girl effortlessly caught the lightning, holding it in a ball of energy. She then deflected it back at Jamboga, who fired more lightning to deflect it into a nearby wall. Jamboga proceeded to unleash a second blast against Sarah, but as a show of her mastery, Sarah absorbed the bolt completely, with no need for deflection, showing Jamboga the clear failure of his assault.

Jamboga regarded his betrayer with a menacing look. "It is obvious that...I will need a weapon to destroy you, toolbox." He brandished his sword. Sarah drew her own weapon, and Jamboga leaped into action. Both of them twirled their swords, but missed each other's blades. Attempting to rally, Sarah stepped behind him and cut his jetpack in two. Jamboga gritted his teeth and attacked, unleashing his full Form VII mastery against Sarah. However, Sarah's own mastery of Form VII allowed her to hold off Jamboga's relentless attacks. Finally, Sarah stepped back and realized Jamboga had let his guard down. She quickly blasted Jamboga with lightning, sending him flying across the chamber and slamming into a wall.

Sarah stepped forward cautiously. The villain did not move. A ghost of a smile crept across her face. I've got him now!

And then Jamboga retaliated with a powerful telekinetic blast that sent Sarah flying over a power console. Sarah got up, retrieved her sword, and charged. Both engaged in a second bout of bladework, their blades moving elegantly, seemingly evenly matched. Though Jamboga seemed on the offensive, he was actually executing much caution. Finally, Sarah stepped aside, and Jamboga menaced her. Sarah moved forward, and their blades locked.

Meanwhile, Macroburst recovered from the attack that cost him the upper hand in his fight with Sarah. He used a control console to boost himself up, but he then heard a beeping sound. He turned to see a large screen that said "Loading." He turned back around and saw the horrible predicament that had befallen the Supers. Their corpses littered the floor. Not even Morgan survived! he thought with dread.

He turned his head back to the screen he had activated. Sarah was clashing with a figure he did not recognize. "Who's that?" he said to himself. Reaching over, he keyed in another series of levers, causing the screen to change images. It recorded Anakin Organa and Stick Boy.

Through the recording, he heard a repeat of Anakin's quote: "Stick Boy? Who's Jamboga?"

And then he heard Stick Boy reply, "Sarah's secret master. He's using her!"

Macroburst stared at his shoes. The Wicked Tutu...Sarah...Jamboga! He looked ahead at the screen, which showed Jamboga's defeat of Blasto. Macroburst gritted his teeth. "That's Jamboga!"

Macroburst rushed into the following room, hoping to see Sarah and Jamboga and intervene. And perhaps warn her of the danger she's facing. Or did she figure that out already?!

He saw no sign of her. That's weird. The battle started here. He considered checking for signs of rubble and slashed objects, but then he realized it wouldn't work. The castle had been embattled for several hours now. He looked around. With a sigh, he reached for his comlink and called one Super he knew hadn't come and was undefeated in combat.

He dialed the number. Robo answered after only two beeps.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Robo! I need your help!" Macroburst said firmly.

"What's happened?" Robo asked.

"It's a long story," Macroburst replied. "I'm sending you directions."

"OK. I'll be waiting."

Macroburst took out a tool and used it on the phone, sending Robo a technical map locked between his house and C.C.A. Castle. "OK. Here you go." He put it away. Hopefully he wouldn't take long...


Meanwhile, Jamboga unleashed a rapid series of unsuccessful attacks against Sarah, and was driven back into the deck by Sarah's steady offensive march. For Sarah, having given herself completely over to Vaapad, she was able to draw on the torrents of dark side energy she had once used so freely. She proved able to match the Dark Lord blow for blow, but realized that even her mastery of Vaapad would result only in an indefinite stalemate.

Sarah guided the battle across the deck toward the generator ad center, which was quickly destroyed by Sarah's sword. This exposed the atmosphere and made the base more vulnerable to attack. Angrier than ever, Jamboga re-allocated some of his energy from the enhanced speed he was assailing Sarah with to a powered grip on the durasteel. The duelists then engaged in a brief flurry of bladework. Sarah noticed a slight decrease in Jamboga's speed and kicked him soundly. Unable to effectively counter against this assault, Jamboga lost his balance on the edge of the deck and toppled off the side. Appearing to have gained the advantage, Sarah jumped down and followed, searching for Jamboga.

Sarah advanced down the Core Tunnel and into the facility's processing vane, where Jamboga reemerged from the shadows. The villain calmly raised his sword, and stood his ground, as Sarah advanced.

Jamboga renewed his assault, unleashing a flurry of blows and rapidly gained ground on Sarah, driving her to a giant metal door. Sarah managed to direct one of his blows into the door controls behind her. Thinking fast, she kicked Jamboga back to give herself a moment to regain her composure as she retreated through the open portal. Jamboga came on again, driving Sarah out onto a giant chamber.

Jamboga, attempting to rally, leaped behind Sarah. Sarah blocked a leaping slash from Jamboga and countered.

She then twirled and blocked Jamboga's following slash, weaving a defensive pattern with her blade. Sarah blocked Jamboga's ensuing barrage of attacks. Hoping to gain the offensive, Sarah lunged again, but Jamboga was ready, bringing them into a momentary bladelock. Jamboga shoved hard, breaking the lock and forced Sarah to pull back. After another exchange, Sarah saw Jamboga was at the edge of a pit leading down 110 stories.

She looked around, shocked. She had been so focused on Jamboga's moves that she hadn't realized they had entered a spacious room with a ramp leading up to the pit they stood in front of. She angled her blade, about to push him in. Both looked each other in the eye intensely.

And then Sarah made her move. However, Jamboga blocked and pushed Sarah over and into the pit. She clung to the top, dangling over the darkness below. Time seemed to slow; all she could process was Jamboga's taunting smile.

Suddenly, a barrage of laser blasts erupted around Jamboga. He turned and threw the bullets back in the direction they had come. They caused a giant explosion.

For a moment, all Jamboga could see was rubble. But he blinked, and then he saw Macroburst and Robo had arrived!

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