Superquack 2

Superquack and Morgan are back for another great adventure! Just as things are quieting down from the attack in Quackville, a new threat emerges to declare war on the world. After a fight, the dynamic duo draws him out, only to learn that the true threat lies within. Now they must team up with Macroburst and his wife, Sarah, to get to the bottom of it. But the Wicked Tutu is not alone: he has an army that does his evil bidding. In fact, all four of them have fallen into a trap. And on top of it all, there could be a traitor in their midst. But who?


6. Attack!

The next morning, Superquack woke up bright and early. Changing into his suit, he left the guest bedroom and opened the front door. His back ached as he looked up at the sky. The sun was still rising.

He went inside and rubbed Morgan's shoulder. "Wake up!" he said. Morgan yawned. "It's time to end this cuckoo clock mayhem."

Morgan sat up, turned, and patted Sarah's head. "Wake up, Sarah!"

Moment of silence. Sarah didn't budge. "Just five more minutes," she muttered.

"Awake now!" Morgan said firmly.

Sarah yawned and rolled over.

"Wake up!" Morgan screamed, and to her surprise a wave ejected from her hand. It blew Sarah's hair and opened her eyes. Instead of closing her eyes again, she turned.

"Now I remember," she said, and turned to Macroburst. "Wake up!" Macroburst opened one eye, and Sarah smiled. "It's time."

All four climbed aboard the Quack-mobile. This time, Superquack was driving. They drove across 4th street at an accelerating pace. Superquack hit the afterburners, and they were off.

After streaking through the forest for the second time, they arrived at the Wicked Tutu's base. After parking up front, they all rushed inside. Superquack forced open the front door, and they stepped inside. As he walked alongside the others, Superquack suddenly realized he didn't know what to do next.

All of a sudden, a band of cuckoo clocks emerged and snarled wickedly. Morgan drew the sword Sarah gave to her, which happened to have an energy shell. The cuckoo clocks made for Sarah, restraining her by the arms. Sarah grunted as the clocks handcuffed her and hastily took flight. "Get your hands off me!"

Morgan quickly slashed at them, but the clock holding Sarah's left hand dodged. The sword just narrowly missed Sarah. "Bring her back, you stubborn donkeys!" she shouted angrily.

One of the clocks flew a raspberry at her before continuing its flight path. Soon after, they were out of sight. Just then, a squad of clocks aimed their guns.

"Drop your swords!" one of them said.

"I said, drop 'em!" said a second.

Morgan whipped out her sword and sliced through one of the clocks. Her sword wove in a defensive pattern, cutting down several more. Macroburst did the same. As more clocks poured in, Superquack intervened, breaking two clocks with a single punch. A laser blast hit him, but ricocheted off his suit.

After slashing another clock, Morgan looked up to see a blade cocked at her neck. She saw the bold look on Superquack's face as they backed away. They both knew this was the powerful criminal they had come to destroy. She wore a black cloak, and, as usual, her face was obscured under her hood.

"You came back?" The figure lowered her blade. "I was expecting someone like you to be a little...younger."

Morgan smirked. "Whoever you are, I was expecting you to be scarier."

The villain raised a fist. "Super scum!"

Don't taunt her! Anger fed the dark side, they didn't need the Wicked Tutu's secret master to be any stronger than she already was. "Try not to upset her," Superquack said. "Anger feeds the dark side."

Turning to the clocks, the figure pointed a finger. "Crush them!" The clocks advanced and engaged the Supers. "Make them suffer!"

Morgan brought her sword down, only to be met by that of the clocks. She swung quickly, cutting one of them down. However, the other two proved much harder.

As she clashed wtih the other two, Morgan spared a glance at Macroburst. His sword wove gracefully, blocking the enemy attacks effortlessly. With a smsll flourish, Morgan finally caused the last sword clock to drop its guard. With another quick slash, she beheaded the clock.

She headed over to face the others. However, she heard a buzzing noise behind her. She brought up her sword in an instinctive parry, just in time to realize it was the headless clock! Bewildered, she slashed at the clock several times before their blades practically locked together.

Keeping her blade braced against her oopponent's, Morgan said, "Say cuckoo!"

"What?" the clock replied. "I've never said--"

"You're a cuckoo clock," Morgan said flatly. "Now's a good time."

The sword clock broke the contact. "I just--"

"Say it now!" Morgan interrupted loudly.


It did not have time to finish. Morgan dismembered it. "What kind of clock is this?" she said under her breath. She turned to the typical gun-wielding clocks and pointed her blade.

The figure looked around as the Supers clashed with the clocks. One of them was able to stun Superquack, but Morgan cut down the guards gripping his hands. Around her, Macroburst cleared the remaining clocks in the room. No point in staying.

And then the Supers were on her. "You lose, Supers!" she said, and hurled her sword at the viewport, cracking the glass. As Morgan, Superquack, and Macroburst all closed in, the weakened viewpoint burst, bringing air into the sudden breach. The dark figure let herself be sucked through and away from the castle. She caught a glimpse of the Supers, clinging to the control console, and then she was outside.

As she was swept away, she pointed at the wall and activated a cable in her wrist-gauntlet. The anchor struck solidly, attaching to the wall. Then she swung herself onto the wall. As she began to crawl along the hull of her fortress, she noted that the cuckoo clocks had closed the blast doors connected to the window.

She reached a hatch and opened it. Her calculations were correct; she was in one of the escape pod bays. She started for the pods, then hesitated. Why not make things a little harder for those annoying superheroes? She loosened the escape pod at the edge, then shut down the others. Now only that pod worked. There. Let's see them get out of this! Earlier, she had questioned the logic of escape pods in a building. Now she knew why they were here.

She climbed inside and, after prodding the pod a bit, blasted away. Now away from the base, the antagonist steered for the nearest battleship.

Meanwhile, Morgan heard a beeping sound and turned. A sort-of e-alert said the escape pods were faulty. She reported to Macroburst and Superquack.

"Great," said Macroburst. He stopped short. "What about Sarah?"

As if to answer his question, two cuckoo clocks swooped in, holding Sarah in their arms. Morgan pointed to them. "There she is!"

The clock dropped Sarah. The girl was a mess--torn clothes, loose belt, messy hair, her boots full of holes. She hit the ground hard.

"What have you done to my wife?" Macroburst asked.

The cuckoo clock merely made a taunting gesture with its arms.

"You interrogated her!" said Morgan, and threw her sword. "Through torture!"

The sword hit its mark and cleaved through the clock. It hit the ground, and Morgan retrieved her sword.

However, upon landing the second clock sounded the alarm. A squad of clocks came pouring in. However, Macroburst dismembered them all with ease. Then he knelt by Sarah and felt her pulse.

"Do you feel anything?" Morgan asked.

"Yes," Macroburst replied. Breathing's all right, pulse is in check. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"C'mon!" said Morgan.

As they headed out, Superquack revealed that the Quack-mobile had an emergency bed folded in the trunk. They laid Sarah on it. After some debate, they took Sarah to the hospital, who was hastily whisked away on a sick bed.

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