No such thing as Happily Ever After

We had such a perfect, fairy tale love story. Well, more like fan-tale story. We were from two different worlds, yet we knew everything about each other. I thought that meant we just had to have a perfect love story, no worries whatsoever. God, I was so wrong. There's no such thing with a celebrity.

Cover by Danielle Cullen


2. Love is murder.

Nate asked me to move in with him almost a year after meeting. We'd both just got into uni, and it'd be easier if we moved in together because we went to universities that were close together. At that point, we were just best friends. Nothing else.

The night we moved in, he got the brilliant idea to do a collab together. At this point, I'd started making videos for a little less then a year and he'd racked up a hundred thousand subscribers. Most of them, of course, were girls that thought he was just so hot. He was though, no denying it. They always got mad whenever we made a video together. It was rare when I found someone that thought we were just friends.

After the video, we went into the living room. It was one room in the house that was almost done. He put in a movie, and came and sat on the couch. I rested my head on his leg, not paying attention to the movie. All I could think about was his beautiful brown eyes, his arm lazily musing my hair. He still raced around my head.

At that point, a beautiful brunette popped up on the screen. I sighed, turning my head. I hated looking at all these gorgeous women, while here I was, so insecure in this small body.

"Ere," He asked worriedly. "What's wrong?"

I looked up at him, up at his eyes. "I'm tired of everyone promoting all these beautiful people, how I'm surrounded by them. Suffocated, more like, but then there's me. Average looking, I blend in. That isn't a bad thing, mind you. Sometimes I wonder though, if people like me who look so ordinary could ever be looked at twice."

Nathan took my hand, sending my heart into a race. He didn't look at me, just stared at my small hand, my stubby thumb. Slowly, he touched each one, before intertwining his with mine.

"You are the most beautiful girl I've ever met," He said. I scoffed, wondering why he was being so cliche.

"I'm sorry!" He grinned at little, his eyes flicking to mine. "It's the truth. You know how much I hate lying."

Then he started sitting up straighter, making me lay up. This was most likely when he proclaimed his love for me.

"That day you messaged me, I was so intrigued. You knew I might never read them, I might never even respond, yet you kept at it. That day we met, I was so surprised to see you. I wasn't prepared for the friendship that would come."

That's the moment I wondered for a long moment if this could ever go okay. Of course, I was in love with him basically. That meant I was deluded into thinking everything was going to go splendidly. And for a while, it did. We loved each other so much, we built one another up.

Our first date definitely wasn't normal. We ran into a couple internet friends, so it soon turned into a double date. To be honest, I wasn't okay with it. That night was supposed to be ours.

While Nate and William talked, Victoria and I left each other in silence. She was too shy to speak to me, and I had no vicious intent on making friends. I didn't need to embarrass myself anymore then I do already.

"Ere," Nate asked after we left. I was looking down at my phone, texting my sister. "Why didn't you talk to Tori?"

"Because I had no urge to speak with her. We're from two different planets, Nate. I am not going to be friends with someone who will never ever have anything in common with me."

"But," Nate slung an arm over my shoulder. "Isn't that what you said about me?"

A smile spreads across my face. "I was determined to talk to you because we were so different, but I knew I had to meet you. I can't really explain what I felt that night. All I know is that I couldn't get rid of you."

Nate scoffs, and I look up at him. His brown eyes are filled with, I don't know, some new found joy. His entire appearance is so detouring from his personality. The fringe haircut makes it seem as if he's another emo guy, when really he's just a depressed kind-hearted person who is too attached to let go. I don't really think that's a bad thing.

"Are you glad you found out that I'm just another guy on YouTube who likes black and has existential crisis every three weeks?"

I nod. "But there's still something extremely unique about you that you would never admit."

"That is?"

"The fact you are so much better a person then you think you are. You are able to be loved, Nate. Just let yourself love that person the same way."

We stopped then, and I looked up to see it was a clear night. Each star in the night sky sparkled beautifully, each one unique in their own way.

"Can I tell you something, Eren?" My eyes pulled me back to look up at his. My eyes, once confused me so very much because if their amber shade, will forever be outshined by the depth and feeling in his.

"I've never met someone quite like you. As you have noticed, I percept myself quite badly. When I'm with you though, I feel so great. Why, you may ask. That's because I have you, and that's a win in my mind."

We had our first kiss that night. My first kiss in general. I've never let some boy take that kiss from me. Nate wasn't some boy though. He was my first love. I was like every other girl, excited for the day she fell in love. I was one of the few that then swore it away, because love is murder.

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