No such thing as Happily Ever After

We had such a perfect, fairy tale love story. Well, more like fan-tale story. We were from two different worlds, yet we knew everything about each other. I thought that meant we just had to have a perfect love story, no worries whatsoever. God, I was so wrong. There's no such thing with a celebrity.

Cover by Danielle Cullen


1. Love and Obsession aren't all that different.

That Friday night I happened upon one of his videos on YouTube, I wasn't looking for anything. I'd never really explored the site, or the internet in general. I had no clue that a single person could tear down your life, all in a single frame.

After that video, I clicked video after video until I'd watched every single one. I was taken away by his personality and how each video drew me in. Quite frankly, I was determined to figure out the mystery beneath that brown fringe haircut. I was determined to figure out how this almost-twenty-year-old captivated me.

So, I just sent him an inbox message. I knew he might never respond, might never ask all the questions I had, but I thought it was worth the shot.

After that, I began following him everywhere. Read all of his blog posts, his tweets. I couldn't let him slip away. It was like some parasite, clinging to me, never letting go. Well, I was more like the parasite. I pestered him everyday with messages, telling him how my day went and that I always made time to watch a single video everyday. Never once did he respond, but I knew he read them. It said right next to his username, hateonnate, was ****HAS READ ALL MESSAGES****

So I never lost hope. I pestered him everyday, bought tickets to every convention he went to. I couldn't stop myself from running up to him the first time I met him and taking him into a hug. He didn't look appalled or surprised in any way. Instead, he listened to me as I told him my username.

"I'm Eran Piper," I introduced myself as, and I smiled as I saw recognition light up his face.

"Ah, a face to a name." He held out his hand. "So nice to meet you, I love reading your messages."

The blush burned deep on my face. "I'm glad. Well, I better get going. I mean, other people do want to meet you."

Nathaniel nodded and waved as I walked away. For a moment, I couldn't think or feel anything. It was just so shocking to meet the man that I can't stop thinking of, all because he's the Prince Charming I've been waiting for. He kept away the bad dreams, all the evil. I can't believe I was so fucking naive as to think anything could happen. A guy like that didn't exist in real life.

From then on, we talked more and more. We exchanged Skype names, and then we took the conversations from chat rooms to video. To be able to see his face every night, to get to know he was there for me made me feel so special. He made me feel this way. He'd go on and on about how he never expected to meet such a chill girl, how I was so different. How I fucking lit up his world, how I was the sun to his planet. Such bull, now that I think about it. All I was, was another fangirl.

Fangirls never get their dream guy, their happily ever after. All the scenarios we create inside our minds, we put on paper, they're really just keeping us still until the day we realise nothing will ever happen. The day that happened, I was too late. I was too far in for saving.

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