Summer Loving

Fox and her friends, Cara and Laura are having the time of their lives in Quebec at Fox's parents' cottage. But when five boys arrive at their doorstep their whole summer turns upside down... Niall likes Fox, Harry likes Fox, betrayals and heartbreak lies before everyone.


10. Where is Harry?!

Harry's POV:

I'm an idiot.

I'm a total, and complete, idiot.

I can't believe I actually did that, I thought I was over it, but I guess I'm not.

I let out a frustrated sigh and gently touched my cheek where Fox had violently slapped it, and to be honest, I completely deserved it.

It still stung like crazy, and I didn't really know how to make it stop... Ice maybe? No...probably not, but I guess I could try, so I decided to venture out of my room, in hopes that no one would be around.

I opened the door slowly and heard whispers.

"What the hell did I miss?!" I'm thinking Louis said.

"Long story. Harry has caused so much effing trouble it's not even funny, Louis." Said Cara.

I thought.... No. She doesn't like you anymore, you hurt her friend and her new friend, Niall. By still, it hurt to hear those words coming from her mouth.

"But Harry? He's such a nice lad, why would he do something to deserve a hard slapping and the whole "you lied to me" thing?" Louis questioned.

"I'll tell you later, but what will we do about him? We can't just let him sit in his room all day and fume." Someone said, I couldn't tell who.

What are you going to do about me? Well I'm going to make it easy for you. I'll take care of MYSELF, since everyone hates me...

Niall's POV:

I was suddenly awoken by a slam. I jolted upright, making Fox's head fall back down on the bed. Whoops, forgot about the fact that she was sleeping there with me.

She glared at me, "I was trying to sleep!"

"Sorry, but I heard a door slam closed, do you think it could've been Harry?" I asked.

She scowled at the mention of Harry, then she got up and said, "I guess we should go down and check then shall we?"

I nodded and followed her down the stairs to find Zayn, Louis, Liam, Laura, and Cara pacing anxiously. When they noticed us, they ran up to us, eyes wide.

"Harry is gone!" Laura cried.

"What?! Wait hold on, did you see him leave?"

Zayn nodded, "I saw him, he just ran straight out the door, and when I got outside to see if he was there, he was gone. Our car still has no gas so he obviously just ran."

Harry ran away? I ran my fingers through my hair and looked at my feet. I know he hurt Fox and I, but he was one of my best mates and I really hope he's okay.

"Why don't we try to call him?" I suggested.

Laura pulled out a phone from her back pocket, "He left his phone here."

Argh! Harry what is wrong with you?!

"C'mon guys, let's all split up and find him, he can't be too far away, it's only been like 5 minutes since he left." Liam said.

Everyone nodded in agreement, "I'll go with Fox." I said, moving closer to her.

"I'll be with Laura." Louis said.

"And Zayn, Liam and Cara, you guys go together." Fox added.

"Got it." They said.

Then we all went our desperate ways...

Where is that boy?

Authors note:

Hello wonderful people! I'm SOOO sorry I haven't been updating recently, I do t really know why I guess I just didn't feel like it...😁 but anyways I'm sick...AGAIN, so I'm not at school guys don't care... But here's a new chapter, I'm sorry for going all classic fanfic with Harry being the "problematic one", sorry, but it just came out that way. BYE!! <3

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