Summer Loving

Fox and her friends, Cara and Laura are having the time of their lives in Quebec at Fox's parents' cottage. But when five boys arrive at their doorstep their whole summer turns upside down... Niall likes Fox, Harry likes Fox, betrayals and heartbreak lies before everyone.


6. Project Cara

Cara's POV

Earlier today, I saw Fox running off to her room in tears. I asked what was wrong but she shut me down instantly, and locked herself In her room. I also saw Harry's room locked and Niall was pacing around in the living room. I wonder what could have possibly happened? One minute we were all happy, then the next there's drama. Drama, drama, drama. I always thought there would be drama when the boys came, and I'm happy I'm not in it, but my friend? I feel awful that she won't let me help.

I stared outside the window out into the woods. I never realized there was a nice trail going through the thick brush, so I decided to go and take a walk. To calm myself. I slipped on some old sneakers and called out to Niall (since he was the only one there) : "I'm going out for a walk! I'll be back in a bit!"

I heard a muffled grunt I'm response and headed outside. It was a little chilly in my thin grey Aeropostale sweater, I could feel the cool breeze through the thin fabric and my shoulders naturally moved upwards in and act to warm myself somehow. My feet were crunching against dead leaves and sticks, a calming noise I found, I was always the outdoorsy type. I got to the end of the trail, to find a dead end. And endless expanse of trees loomed in front of me and I saw a comically chair-shaped rock. I vaguely remember Fox telling me about this rock. Oh, who knows? I sat down on it and slipped my hands into my sweater pockets.

Fox. Harry. Niall. What was going on? Did Harry like Fox? Or Niall? Well why would Harry be angry then? Maybe Fox chose Niall over him, and he got mad? Too many questions that needed to be answered. I decided that I needed to talk to Fox when I got back. Even if I had to hammer my way into her locked bedroom.

Drama was never my thing. I usually cracked under the pressure of a secret, and in school, if there was any drama, I'd stay a distance away from it all. I wanted nothing to do with it. But when it came to my friends, I would help them through it. As long, as if I didn't need to lie.

I suddenly hear the sound of twigs cracking and leaves crunching along with the sound of hurried footsteps.

"Cara! Oh there you are!" Fox says, taking a while to catch her breath. She must have been running. Niall was next to her, panting as well.

"Fox! You completely ignored me before! What's happening?" I asked.

"Oh. That." She said, it almost seemed like she spat it out. Like expired milk.

She now continued to explain everything that was going on and how Harry was still really mad and how they wanted to go on a date.

"W-w-w-wait. Hold on. You guys want to date, and Harry is mad because of the fact that you guys like each other? He's jealous?" I ask, to clarify.

"Yes." She said.

"And you need my why....?"

"We need you, to make Harry like you, so that he won't be mad if we went on a date." She replied. Then she added, "cause I know you like him."

I paused for awhile mulling it over.

"Oh come on! It's not like it'll be bad for you! You guys would be a happy couple and so would we! Cara, please. It'll be....Project Cara." Darn it. She knew I had a weakness for spy-related things. Niall nodded his head in agreement.

I smiled. "Alright. But I hope I don't look like an idiot trying to get him to like me."

"Oh don't worry! You're Harry's type!" Niall exclaimed.

I nodded and bounded off the rock. "Then I guess it's a plan." I said, and we walked back to the house.

When we arrived, I suddenly got really nervous. I was trying to get my idol, and favourite person ever, to like me. What was I doing?! I slipped my sneakers off and removed my sweater carefully, trying to procrastinate as much as possible. But it didn't work so well, so they pushed me over to Harry's locked door.

"Wait! What do I say again?" I asked, anxiously.

"Remember, just ask if you want to spend time with him, then, if he says yes, which he probably will, you charm him with your awesomeness!" Fox replies.

I nod slowly and prepare myself to knock on the door. And when my hand hits the hard wood of the door, I instantly feel regret for agreeing to this.

"Hello? Harry? It's me, Cara, do you want to go out on a walk or something? I would really like to spend some more time with you." Ughhhh. That was awful! I glance over at Niall and Fox who are giving me thumbs up from around the doorway.

I hear grumbling and footsteps heading towards the door. I almost panic and run away, but something keeps me glued to the spot. He opens the door and he looks down at me. My legs tense up. "Uhh, so do you want to?" I ask, awkwardly.

He smiles a little and agrees. Then he closes his door to get changed into something less rumpled and wet with tears. Poor guy. I look over to see Niall and Fox doing a silent happy dance and I join them, suddenly realizing I was sort of going on a date with Harry Styles! Oh my god!

Niall's POV:

Fox and I start doing a quiet happy dance once Harry agrees to go on a walk with Cara. Maybe out maser plan will work? I feel bad betraying one of my best mates, but I really like Fox, and I don't want to lose her for anything. I can't wait for our first date! And the one after that, and after that! Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

I suddenly realize that no one else is in the house? Where is everyone? I'm guessing they went on the tour without us, oh well. Then I hear Harry's bedroom door opening. Fox and I swivel out heads towards eachother and bolt upstairs so harry doesn't see us and suspect anything. Cara just jogs over and greets him.

Fox and I enter her room and look at each other.

"I can't believe that actually worked!" She exclaimed.

"I know right!" I reply, admiring her big brown, happy eyes.

Authors note:

Hi!!! Almost 500 reads??? What?!?! Yay! Anyways, this is another chapter to the story (obviously) do you like the new cover? If it even showed up, but I made it myself! I hope you liked this even though it's short (as always) but I like it. It's the holiday break so i have a lot more time to update so expect more during these next few weeks. Bye <3

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