Summer Loving

Fox and her friends, Cara and Laura are having the time of their lives in Quebec at Fox's parents' cottage. But when five boys arrive at their doorstep their whole summer turns upside down... Niall likes Fox, Harry likes Fox, betrayals and heartbreak lies before everyone.


4. Can We Talk...?

Niall's POV

I woke up, and the sun was shining into my eyes. I groaned and buried my face in my pillow.

Stupid sun.

As you can tell, I am NOT a morning person. At all. Seriously, every morning, I would take a big cup of coffee and an apple to try and wake me up even the slightest bit. I was having a good dream too! I was having a hotdog eating contest against Barack Obama and The Wiggles. What is wrong with my mind?

The door to my room opened slightly and Fox's big brown eyes peeked through the crack.

"You awake?" She asks.

"Barely." I reply, wiping the sleeps out of my eyes.

"Well everyone else is awake and we were going to show you guys around the lovely city of Quebec!" She said excitedly.

I couldn't help but smile at how excited she was about this. She ran over to my bed and pulled the covers off of my body.

"Argh!!" She yelled shielding her eyes. I stared down at myself. I was only wearing tight, and should I mention small, underwear.

She fell onto the ground dramatically, "My eeeeeeyyyyeeeesss they buuuuurn!!! Sorry I didn't know you just wore... Um...that."

I quickly grabbed the bedspread and pulled it over my chest. I laughed awkwardly. "Yeah..." First I say I want to be Toaster Horan, then I make a fool out of myself by being scared and burning the bacon, and now this?! I suck at first impressions. She got up and left me to change. I put on a blue and grey nike shirt and black skinny jeans. Ran a brush through my hair quickly, brushed my teeth and started to exit the room. But to my surprise, Harry came barging into my room with an angry look on his face.

Harry's POV

Fox came out of Niall's room cringing, muttering the words "I'm so awkward." And "that was awful." What happened in there? I ran my hand through my hair to achieve the perfect flop, and approached her. "What happened in there?" I asked casually.

She shuddered. "Niall. Underwear. Eyes. Burning. Awkwardness. High."

"Try to use full sentences, love." I replied. She blushed as I said "love"

"I was going to go wake up Niall, so I went over and pulled the covers off of his bed to encourage him to get out of bed, then I realized that guys don't usually wear pajamas to bed.... So Niall was wearing particularly short and tight underwear." She said barely taking a breath throughout the entire thing.

"Did you like it?" I asked. Harry why the heck didn't you ask that?! I'm so stupid.

"Like it? What the hell?! What do you mean "did I like it?" That was so awkward!"

"So you don't like Niall...?"

"Like Niall? Where did that come from?" She asked, confusion etched across her face.

I thought back to last night when they were laughing and singing together. They looked so happy. I hated it. Why couldn't Fox love me? Yes, it's only been like a day or two but she was different. She didn't scream when she saw us, or even fangirl. She was also really nice and funny. She was everything anyone could ever ask for. And I guess Niall thinks so too. I scowled. "I asked you if you like Niall. Do you?"

"Why do you care?" She queried.

I gave her a look I can't even explain. It was almost pained.

"Um Fox, can we talk...?" I said.

"Uh... Sure?" She said as I led her to the sofa.

She crossed her legs and looked me in the eye. "So what's up Hazz?"

She used my nickname! Atleast that's something!

I tensed myself up and prepared for the speech that was coming next, "Fox, I love you. Yes that is a strong word, but it's true! Ever since I met you that day I knew you were different. You are special Fox, and I just want to be your boyfriend!"

Her eyes became as wide as saucers.

"Oh Harry..." She started, "we've only just met, and Niall... Maybe I do like Niall...don't get me wrong though Harr--"

I cut her off. "Niall huh?" I yell as I snap up and storm into Niall's room. He stares at me as if I had grown another head. The underwear he was wearing was strewn along the floor and I curled my upper lip at it. Disgusting.

"Harry? Why are you so angry?" He asked, slightly nervous.

"Because you ruined everything! Fox hates me and she likes you and every thing is just...ARGH!" I shouted.

Fox came crashing in her yea were basically popping our of her head. "Harry I don't hate you! That was just so sudden!" She cried.

What had been a nice, happy morning had turned into complete chaos. It was a miracle no one else got involved, or something awful could have happened. I looked beside me to see Fox who had started to sob. Tears were rushing down her face and I felt do bad for putting all this pressure on her.

"Fox, I-"

"Go away! Don't talk to me!" A new torrent of tears trickled down her puffy cheeks and Niall went over to comfort her. He was not completely welcomed, but more than he was. I stared at them for awhile till I suddenly careened over to my room, and slammed the door.

What have I done?

Authors note:

Hellooo! I always seem to write at like 11 o'clock at night for some reason. So this chapter was very dramatic and weird. Barack Obama and the Wiggles? Wtf! But anyways if you guys could check out my note to the boys for their break I would really appreciate it! It's not long, like 3 pages. Bye!!! <3

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