Summer Loving

Fox and her friends, Cara and Laura are having the time of their lives in Quebec at Fox's parents' cottage. But when five boys arrive at their doorstep their whole summer turns upside down... Niall likes Fox, Harry likes Fox, betrayals and heartbreak lies before everyone.


1. Arrival

"I can't believe your mom let us stay at your cottage by ourselves, all summer!" Cried Cara.

"I know right! My mom is awesome!" I replied.

My best friends and I had just graduated and we wanted to have a good time before we headed off to college. As we drove down the narrow dirt road leading up to my family's cottage we were raving. We had never gone anywhere alone before and we were super excited.

"Here we are!" I said excitedly, "let's unpack and then we can go swimming!"

"There you go Fox! Now your thinking!" Said Cara.

I giggled.

"What about you Laura? Do you want to go swimming?" I asked.

"Well, duh! Of course I do!"

"Good. Because if you didn't we'd probably go in without you." I said bluntly.

"Hey!" She held her hand to her heart in fake pain.

"Oh stop that, the sooner we get unpacked, the more time we have to swim!"

So with that, we all hurried into the quaint little cottage and unpacked all of our things. Although, my first priority was to get all the food into the fridge. I was hungry, like always. Then I went upstairs to unpack my clothes and other odds-and-sods. My room was pretty small, I mean, probably bigger than an apartment room, but smaller than my room back home. It was painted a light green and a picture of my family and I on the old dock hung on the wall. The bed was taking a quarter of the space in the room and the bedspread was a quilt grandma had made for me.

"Fox! Are you ready to go?" Cara queried from the doorway.

"Uh, one sec I have to put on my bathing suit."

There's another thing I have to explain, my name. Now, with the name Fox, you're probably thinking of someone with red hair and green eyes, but that's not the case. I have long brown hair and light hazel eyes, just like mum. My mom named us after the last thing she saw before entering labour. With me, she saw a fox out in the woods before... You know... That's why my brother is Bush and my younger sister is Strawberry. Weird huh?

Moving on, I took a lime green and mint blue bikini out of the drawer and put it on. I must say it didn't look bad on me, I'd been working extra hard on my fitness level these past few months.

"I'm ready!!" I shouted.

Laura and Cara sighed.

"Honestly, Fox, you take forever!"

"Well, I'm done now so let's go!

We raced for the door and slammed it open. We all ran down to the dock and immediately jumped right in.

"Ahhh.... The water is so nice!" I cooed.

"I'll say!" Replied Laura, as she leaned back and floated on the rippling surface of the water. I took that as a challenge, and splashed water right on her peaceful face.

"Oh I'm gonna get you so bad!!" She shrieked, while splashing water in my face, continuously.

"Aggghh, stop! Stop Laura, please just stop!!"

She looked triumphant as she stopped splashing me. We all burst out laughing. I had to admit, she got me good!

Just then, I heard a truck drive up the driveway. The engine stopped and we all turned towards it.

"Who the heck is that!?" Cara whispered.

"I don't know but get down, keep your eyes above the water so we can see though!"

We all ducked down and waited for the mysterious drivers to get out of the car. The passengers seat door opened abruptly. A boy probably our age, with his hood pulled up over his head, got out.

"Who the--?"Laura asked.

Then, four other boys got out, their hoods also up.

"Oh my god, are they like rapists or something?!" I whispered.

"I dunno just watch them!" Replied Cara.

One of them walked up to the door and politely knocked.

"Is anyone there?" They said in an Irish accent.

"Guys... You don't think that's...?"

"Niall Horan? I don't know!! Why would they be here in Quebec?"

"Well they do have a tour..." Laura said.

Finally, I got up and braved these boys.

"Who are you and what do you want?" I shouted.

They jerked around and stared at me.

"Fox?! What are you doing!?" Cara asked, outraged.

One of the boys spoke up.

"I'm Liam, and we seem to be out of gas!" He yelled.

"Oh my gosh, would you just come down here so we don't have to yell?"

They nodded and walked down. I caught sight of their faces. Ohmygod. That's One Direction!!! I tried to play it cool so I just said:

"And what can we do?"

But Cara, was not so calm, she let out a shriek and screamed "You're One Direction! One Direction is on the dock of my best friends cottage!!!!!"

I glared at her, "Cara! Calm down! They're just normal people like us, they're just, um... World famous!"

The boys chuckled. We all blushed. I suddenly remembered I was only in a bikini. In front of five teenaged boys. I dropped low in the water, embarrassed.

"Um, sorry, we don't have any gas here... I'm Fox by the way, and these lunatics are Cara and Laura." I smiled awkwardly.

" I'm Louis, and these--"

"Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Liam. I know." I interrupted.

"I like your name by the way!" Niall said in his cute Irish accent.

"Thanks! Some people say it's weird,but my name is nothing compared to my siblings; Bush and Strawberry."

"Bush and strawberry??" Niall said incredulously.

"Yeah... But you guys need a place to stay for a bit because you can stay her for a while. We have the room."

"Okay, thanks! That's nice of you!" They said.

" No problem!" Laura replied, smiling directly at Louis.

I whisper to Laura and Cara; "we should probably get out of the lake now..."

"Oh no. We're practically wearing underwear!" Laura said.

"We left our towels inside!" Cara added.

"Oh whatever! Let's just get this over with."

We edged towards the dock nervously. Cara went first, scurrying out as fast as a leopard, but still had to just stand there looking embarrassed infront of the boys. Then Laura, who caught the attention of Louis on the way up. Oooh! Then it was my turn. I stepped up the ladder and promptly fell right back in on the top step.

Everyone burst out laughing. Even me. I took less time now getting out, I hoped they weren't like judging me or anything. Although I saw some wandering eyes, which was awkward.

"Ummm... Guys, let's go up and put on some clothes..." I whispered to Laura and Cara.

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea." Replied Laura.

"Okay, so let's all go up the the cottage, and we'll change and you guys can just, uh, sit?" I said.

They all nodded.

We scurried up to the cottage since we were freezing in our small bathing suits, and ran indoors. I grabbed my towel and ran up the stairs. Then stopped.

"You can sit in the living room, and hang out while we get dressed." I said awkwardly.

"Sure thing love!" Louis replied cheerfully.

I continued to my bedroom door. Oh crap. What does someone wear in front of One Direction? I searched through the endless pit that is my closet and picked out white yoga pants, a maroon tank top and a white and red jersey crop-top. As I walked out of my room, Cara came out at the same time. She was wearing light blue skinny jeans, a neon yellow tshirt and a jean jacket.

"Lookin' good Cara!" I said.

"Not so bad yourself, foxy!" She winked at me.

"Thank y'all! Now let's go chat with an internationally known boy band of super hot guys!" I said excitedly.

Laura came out just as we were about to head downstairs. She was wearing blue shorts with leggings under, and a dark blue t-shirt with a breast pocket.

"Well don't we all look sexy!" Laura giggled.

"I know right! But we should probably head downstairs, they're waiting!"

And with that, we bounded down the stairs in an excited hurry. It wasn't until we got to the front of the living room when we strolled in casually.

"Hey guys!" We all said in unison.

"Hey." Said Harry.

"Vas happenin'?" Said Zayn.

"Hello!" Niall said.

Louis jumped up and asked "Do you have any carrots?"

"Um yeah! One sec!" Laura rushed into the kitchen and grabbed a big bag of baby carrots. She shoved them in his face and grinned.


"Thanks love!" Louis said, grabbing the bag and shoving a carrot in his mouth. Laura seemed pleased. We all sat down, (Laura took a b-line to sit next to Louis) and started talking.

"So what brings you guys here to Quebec?" I ask.

"Oh, we just got off of our last tour and decided to go some places that we enjoyed, Quebec was awesome, and we even learned some French!"

"Oh, oui vous avez? Ça c'est très bonne!"

They stared at me blankly.

"We learned SOME French..." Niall clarified.

My friends and I giggled. We could now talk to about them right in front of them and they wouldn't even know! I looked around mischievously.

"So Fox," Niall asked, "would you mind telling me the full story on your name?"

I shrugged. "Sure."

I proceeded to tell him the whole story behind my name, which to be honest wasn't really that long, just a little odd. Once I had finished, he said something I didn't really expect.

"Thats so cool! I wish that happened to me, because the last thing my mom saw was our toaster!"

"Um... Niall, you want your name to be Toaster Horan?" Zayn asked bewildered.

"Well who wouldn't?" He retorted.

"Uh, everyone?" We all said.

"You guys are no fun!" He grumbled.

Niall's P.O.V

Fox was gorgeous. The moment I saw her come out of the water, then in the water, then out AGAIN, I knew I liked her. Her name intrigued me, and she seemed really nice and funny.

And I definitely felt embarrassed when I told them about the whole toaster thing. She probably thought I was nuts!

Fox's P.O.V

"Do you guys want some snacks?"

"Yes please! And can you get some more carrots?" Louis asked while holding up the empty carrot bag.

"Okay!" Laura got up and ran out the door. I followed her.

"Laura! You might want the car keys!"

She blushed.

"Oh yeah...."

"Ugh, you've got it bad, haven't you?"

She shrugged,"Maybe just a little..."

"Yeah, a little... Now go get Louis some carrots!!" I said raising my arm in front of me, like superman.


As she drove away I walked back inside and made some snacks. I made some bacon and mini hotdogs with a gigantic fruit tray. As I entered the living room, I was attacked by Niall who grabbed three hotdogs, five pieces of bacon and a handful of strawberries.

"Geez Niall, slow your roll!" I shouted.

He looked over at me apologetically, "Sorry." He said, but his mouth was full so it sounded like "fowey".

Everyone laughed, he was such a pig! We all sat down and enjoyed our snacks, while talking about their music, and we were also learning about eachother. But Cara got bored and suggested:

"Who wants to play truth or dare!"

I nodded furiously, "Yeah, let's play!"

They eventually agreed and we all started to play. (Save Laura who was still out getting carrots for Louis)

"Harry!" I said, "Truth or Dare?"

"Ummm, dare." He said confidently.

"Alright," I nodded mischievously,"I dare you to... Go over to zayn and kiss him on the lips!"

Zayn glared at me. I flashed him an award-winning grin.

"Fine..." Harry said, as he walked over to Zayn. Harry leaned in and kissed him for about a millisecond.

"Blarggh!!" Zayn shouted as he wiped his mouth.

"Was is that bad?" Harry asked innocently.

"Yes mate, yes it was." Zayn replied.

"Okay! Truth or dare,Cara?" Harry asked.

"Uh, truth...?"

"Lovely! When was your first kiss?" He asked.

I looked over at her, I knew this would be embarrassing for her.

"Um, I've never actually kissed anyone..."

"What??" Harry yelled.

"Yeah... I've also never had a boyfriend."

"Oh wow. How could a pretty girl like you not have a boyfriend?"

Cara blushed profusely. But she shook it off and asked; "Fox! Truth or dare?"


She rubbed her hands together, evilly.

"I dare you to kiss Louis on the lips for 10 seconds!" She announced triumphantly.

"Um, what?" I asked.

"Kiss him!" She said.

"Err, alrighty then.."

I walked over awkwardly and pressed my lips against his. But you know what had to happen? Laura walked in. She looked at me with a mix of anger, hatred and sadness. She threw the large bag of carrots at me.

"How could you!?"

Then she stormed upstairs. I stared at the carrots. There was a note inside. It read ;

Dear Louis,

I was wondering if you'd like to go out sometime? I'm sorry if I seem a little to sudden with this I just really like you.



My heart broke. She thought i was kissing him because we were a couple. I needed to straitened things out with her. I dropped the note on the floor and ran upstairs. I could hear murmuring from the living room. Obviously about what had just happened. But right as I got to the top of the stairs, Louis came out and said;

"Fox what's wrong with Laura?" With a worried tone of voice.

I walked down the stairs, tears in my eyes. I picked up the bag of carrots and the note.

"She put this in the bag. Read it."

He grabbed it and read it. His eyes grew wide.

"Oh I've really frigged this up, didn't I?" He said.

"No. I did. She told me she liked you and then I was kissing you. She thinks I've betrayed her. Now go back inside, and don't tell anyone." I ran upstairs on the brink of sobbing.

"Laura! We were playing truth or dare I don't love Louis and he doesn't love me! This was all a misunderstanding Laura, please come out!"

I could hear her sobbing through the door, she would never talk to me again...

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