Link's lost memory.

Why could I only find one fan fiction about Rhett and Link? Here there is one.


3. The journal

Rhett parked the mini van, when they reached Link's house. They went inside. Link's wife Christy was in the kitchen. "You're already home? Rhett, you're here too?" Rhett was already ready with something to say. "Link lost his memories, at work today. He can't remember anything." "What?" They looked at Link, who looked around in the room, like he had never seen it before. "He doesn't remember anything? What happened?" Christy looked again at Rhett, who started telling, what he knew.

"So you weren't there, when it happened?" was Christy's comment, when Rhett was done telling. "That's right." "What are we gonna do?" Rhett started thinking, but there didn't go that long, before a thought came to him. Rhett and Link both had their own journal.

Rhett and Link went into the room, where Link had his journal. They found the place, where it was supposed to be. "It's gone!" The two guys looked at each other. They started looking around in the room after it. "It must be in here somewhere." "Wait! What is this?" Link picked up a little piece of paper. Rhett came over to see, what Link had found. It got some hand writing saying: "Your journal isn't here." Rhett and Link looked at each other. "What could this mean?" "Mabye this is just an old thing, that was used for a game, we've played or something, we don't remember anymore." "I don't remember anything at all." They turned the paper around. "2016" "Link, 2016 is this year. You know, what that means? This is not a thing from an old game. This is new."

"Are you sure, you can find something about my life in your journal? I mean, how much time, have we evert spent together?" Rhett smiled. "I'm not guessing, that there's something about you in it. I know it! Because we've known each other since first grade. I'm gonna get in and find it. Wait here." Rhett opened the door and left the mini van.

Rhett came back out to the mini van. Link opened the door and looked at Rhett waiting for him to say some more. "Mine is gone too." "No... What are we gonna do now?" "We gotta call the police." Rhett was about to grab his phone from his pocket, when a sound came from Link's pants. "What was that?" Link looked down at his legs. "I felt something." Rhett stopped reaching for his own phone and put his hand into Link's pocket to find his. He found it and took it out of the pocket. "You've gotten a text from Stevie. She helps us on our job." He tried to read the text, but the phone wouldn't let him do it without a password. He looked up at Link. "Link, if there's any word coming to you mind right now, then say it." Mabye there was a chance, that he could remember a little bit. Link starded saying something, that sounded, like he was about to come up with something to say. "Ssssss... snake!" Rhett typed the word in. Wrong password. "P... P... Pool noodle!" Wrong password again. "Llll..." "This is not working!" Rhett put the phone back into Link's pocket. "We need to get back to the studio."

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