Link's lost memory.

Why could I only find one fan fiction about Rhett and Link? Here there is one.


2. Driving problem.

Link sat down next to Rhett in the sofa. Finally some words, that weren't very low came out of his mouth. "So... You're Rhett, and I'm Link?" Rhett nodded his head. "Yes exactly!" "Why can't I remember anything?" Link's voice was almost sad. "That's exactly, what I wanna talk about. You propably have amnesia. You were fainted, when I found you. I think, something must have hit you and made you faint and then lose all memories." "But what can I do about it? I wanna know my life." At this moment, Rhett saw, that Link was about to cry. Tears were in his eyes, and one was about to drop. Rhett looked into the eyes on his friend's sad face. "I'm gonna help you through this." He put his hand on Link's shoulder. "But first we gotta tell our families about it.

Rhett and Link went out to their mini van. "It's propably a good idea, if I control the mini van this time." Rhett opned the left door and sat down on the driver's seat. Link didn't open the right door. "Listen. I feel, like I do know the way." "Are you sure? What if you can't drive?" "I think, I have it under control. Just let me drive."

"Link, you just went the wrong direction." "Okay. Mabye I don't remember the way, but I'm still gonna drive. Just... tell me what direction to go to!" "Okay. Go to the left over there." Rhett pointed. Link did, what his friend told him to and turned to the right. "Link, watch out for that car!" Rhett almost jumped over at Link and took control over the mini van. He turned around the car and parked it, right when he could.

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