Criminal Addiction

Flaky is trying hard to forget her friend who disappeared just as fast as he came back. Nutty, who is one of Flaky's few guy friends, has starting hanging out more with her much to her boyfriend Lifty's annoyance. Their friendship is soon put to the test as someone from Flaky's past returns once again. This time to take back what is rightfully his. And nothing will stop him.


4. Unexpected Conversation

Nutty looked at Flaky and asked, "Want some candy" and held out a bag of gummy bears. Flaky sniffled a bit and said, "N-no thanks, Nutty, I'm n-not up for candy right now". Nutty's crazed smile soon faded and he pulled Flaky into a unexpected hug, she gasped at the hug as Nutty didn't like people to touch him. He let go and his smile was back on his face, "Better?", Flaky laughed and said, "K-Kind of, thanks Nutty"

"I don't like it when my friends are sad, but why are you sad" asked Nutty

Flaky's smile faded and she sighed, "I-It's a long story..."

"I got time" replied Nutty and focused his attention on her.

So Flaky soon began to tell her story once more this time she did not cry, after she was finished she waited for some kind of reaction. He looked down at the ground and said, "I'm sorry". Flaky's smile soon return and she said, "Thanks Nutty". Nutty got up off the couch and said, "I should get going, I need to get home anyway and eat all this candy!" His eyes widen in excitement as he mentioned the candy. He waved goodbye to Flaky and walked out of her house. Leaving Flaky alone, alone with no one but her thoughts 

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