Criminal Addiction

Flaky is trying hard to forget her friend who disappeared just as fast as he came back. Nutty, who is one of Flaky's few guy friends, has starting hanging out more with her much to her boyfriend Lifty's annoyance. Their friendship is soon put to the test as someone from Flaky's past returns once again. This time to take back what is rightfully his. And nothing will stop him.


2. Sugar Makes Happiness

Meanwhile as Flaky told her story to Lifty, a yellow and green haired male in a green hoodie and black and white checkered baggy pants. His green eye shone with excitement while his other yellow eye, which was his lazy eye bounced around as he giggled crazily.

Nutty was at the local candy shop which Lumpy was the owner of, Lumpy look at the small hyperactive male as he jumped up and down. He knew that Nutty was the town's sugar addict and would do pretty much anything for candy, even if it meant hurting someone or himself.

"So you want again?" He asked

"I want CANDY!!!!! I want 7 suckers, 10 bags of gummy bears 12 large chocolate bars, and 30 peanut butter cups!" Nutty giggled and jumped around even more

"Okay okay calm down though" He put all of the candy in a large bag and handed it to the crazed sugar addict. The candy was swiped so fast out of his hand, it took him a minute to realize it was gone. Nutty hand Lumpy money and ran out of the store, still giggling.

"What is wrong with that guy" muttered Lumpy as he watched Nutty run down the street

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