Criminal Addiction

Flaky is trying hard to forget her friend who disappeared just as fast as he came back. Nutty, who is one of Flaky's few guy friends, has starting hanging out more with her much to her boyfriend Lifty's annoyance. Their friendship is soon put to the test as someone from Flaky's past returns once again. This time to take back what is rightfully his. And nothing will stop him.


1. Live Without It

"We will meet someday again, I know it" was all that went through Flaky's mind as she lay in her bed, trying to sleep but sleep wouldn't come. It had 7 months since Flippy disappeared once more. She had never told anyone of what had happened, not even Lifty. She soon the sleep wash over her and take her away to her dreams.


The alarm went off with a sharp high- pitched beep, Flaky's hand fumbled around until she found it and pushed the snooze button, getting out of bed she walked into the living room where Lifty was sitting wide awake. That surprised her as her boyfriend usually slept in until noon and it was only 8. She smiled at him, "Someone's up e-early"

Lifty nodded "I had to wake up so I could talk to you before you left" 

"What did you want to talk about?" asked Flaky

"I just wanted to talk to about what happened...." Lifty's said as Flaky's smile soon faded. It had over a half a year since Flippy left Flaky's life just as quick as he entered it. She had hope he would return but after all this time she soon gave up that hope. But Lifty needed to know what happened.

"Before we started dating, I had always had a c-crush on Flippy and I-I think he liked me too, we became good friends, did nearly everything together....then after you and I started dating he became distant, and then he left. It wasn't until about 8 months ago I saw him in that elevator and he saved me, then I s-saw him my hospital room. Then Fliqpy took control and...raped me. Then after all that he disappears once more out that window" Flaky pointed at the window behind Lifty, "And I haven't seen him s-since....".  

Flaky couldn't control it anymore as she feel to her knees and began to sob. Crying for a friend who would never return.

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