Criminal Addiction

Flaky is trying hard to forget her friend who disappeared just as fast as he came back. Nutty, who is one of Flaky's few guy friends, has starting hanging out more with her much to her boyfriend Lifty's annoyance. Their friendship is soon put to the test as someone from Flaky's past returns once again. This time to take back what is rightfully his. And nothing will stop him.


6. Game Time

Lifty was rushed to the hospital minutes after the crash. Other than a broken arm and a slight limp, he appeared to be fine so he was allowed to go home after have his arm put in a cast and a sling. He walked through the door and muttered, "Fucking idiot". Flaky was helping him through the door as he limped. Flaky sat her boyfriend on the couch and sat next to him, "W-What happened exactly, all I got was a call from the hospital saying you got in a car crash and then they hung up".

"Well as stated I was driving to the store and on my way, I was hit by a crazed drunk and went into a ditch, broken my arm and fractured my knee. I caught a glimpse of the person who hit me though and I think I know who it was" Lifty said

"Who?" asked Flaky

"I think it was fucking solider boy, Flippy" growled Lifty


"He thought it was Flippy who crashed into him" Giggles looked confused. Flaky had invited her over to talk while Lifty rested. She was listening to what Flaky had told her and what Lifty had said

"Y-Yeah, that's what he s-said" said Flaky, who's phone all the sudden rang, she jumped up at the sudden sound and answered it, "Hello?"

"HEY, FLAKY, IT'S ME! CAN I COME OVER, OKAY? GOOD, I'LL BE RIGHT THERE" Nutty was on the other end and hung up before Flaky could even get a single word in

"Who was that" asked Giggles

"It was Nutty, he said he was coming over" Flaky said

"When?" said Giggles

"I don't know whe-" Flaky's voice was cut off as the loud rapid knocking on her door began and Lifty awoke, he grumbled, "Shut the fuck up!". The knocking continue so Lifty sat up and open the door and yelled, "WHAT!?". Nutty shoved past him though. Lifty sighed in anger, "Nutty, why are you here again" and shut the door behind him as he went back to the couch.

"I came here to see Flaky and see if she wanted to hang out with me" Nutty grinned

"I'm going to go now, bye Flaky" Giggles got up and waved goodbye to Lifty as she walked out of the house. "Lucky, I have to stay here with the sugar freak", Lifty thought as he watched her leave. Nutty sat in a chair but couldn't seem to keep still and was squirming in the seat.

"S-So, Nutty what do you want-" Flaky was cut off again by Nutty getting up and screaming, "I WANT TO PLAY A GAME!"

"Can you shut up, sugar freak, your going to make me deaf" Lifty glared at the hyperactive male as he jumped up and down in place, all the while giggling like a psycho.

"What should we p-play" asked Flaky, trying to change the subject before Lifty got even angrier

"Red Light Green Light!" giggled Nutty

"That's a kid's game, you moron" said Lifty, but soon sighed as he realized that the sooner he played Nutty's stupid games the sooner he would leave. "Whatever, let's play"

Flaky was in charge of saying red light or green light and it was Lifty versus Nutty. The game was going well until Nutty tripped the thief and he fell not so gracefully on his ass. Flaky either didn't see Nutty trip him or wasn't looking at Nutty at the time. All she saw was Lifty fall and he was out for the remainder of the game.

Lifty sat on the sidelines and glared at Nutty, who stuck his tongue out at him, Lifty grinned mischievously and took off his shoe with his good arm, aiming at the green and yellow nest Nutty called hair, and threw it. It hit Nutty square in the back of his head and he fell flat on his face. Flaky gasped as he fell, Lifty sneakily went to retrieve his shoe and put it back on. Nutty teared up and began to yell at him

"You threw your shoe at me!" cried Nutty

"I did not, I just lost my footing and my shoe flew off of my foot.....and hit the back of your head" grinned Lifty

"Your a liar" Nutty yelled

"And your a big crybaby!" yelled Lifty

"That's not nice!" screamed Nutty

"Fuck you" Lifty said

After all this, Nutty left with a bruise to the back his head and called Lifty some not so nice things, which Lifty shot straight back at him. Flaky and Lifty were soon alone, much to Flaky's annoyance. "I-I can't believe you threw your shoe at him".

"He tripped me, he deserved it" shrugged Lifty and Flaky smiled a bit and giggled, "It was kind of funny though". Lifty smiled and kissed her cheek, "I knew you couldn't stay mad at me for long".


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